Friday, February 23, 2018

Etsy Pride: #FebruHARRY2018 Version!

Last month, I shared an Etsy Pride all about Dumbledore - as J.K. Rowling had revealed after the books were released that Dumbledore was actually gay. Since I'm celebrating all things Harry Potter this month, I thought I'd do a mini Etsy Pride with everything related to HP (not just Dumbledore). Enjoy!!

Etsy has TONS of amazing Harry Potter items, so I'm only sharing a very, very, very small portion here! 

Harry Potter Sock Feet Bookmarks from My Bookmark. You can choose the color/house that you want and each bookmark is $25.00. My Bookmark is from the Ukraine!

This Wizarding Waltz Candle - based around the Yule Ball in the fourth book - is from Novelly Yours, based in the U.S. This candle goes for $14.75.

Harry Potter Inspired 5- Piece Kitchen Set from Go Geek Designs, based in the U.S. This set sells for $20.

Omg, if I ever have a baby, I need this Harry Potter Milestone Blanket from Stephyyy Creations, based in the U.S. The blanket is $49.99 and if you add in the Harry Potter glasses (personally, I'd just get the blanket), it's $54.00.

And finally, you can get these fun Harry Potter Book Sleeves (choose your House) from Promiscuous Book Lover, based in the U.S. Each one is only $20.00 (and there are other HP items in the shop!)


Verushka said...

That blanket is BEYOND CUTE OMG!

Kit @ Metaphors and Moonlight said...

Those book marks are adorable! And the blanket is such a cute idea!

Lola said...

I once bought a golden snail bookmark from etsy. They sure have a lot of great items. That's awesome they have so many HP related items as well. That kitchen set looks great!