Tuesday, October 2, 2012

TV Review: Partners

Partners TV Show

Review by Lauren

IMDB Summary: Two lifelong friends, who are both architects, form a business partnership.

Review: The above summary is the shortened version of Partners (which premiered last Monday, so there have been two episodes thus far). The longer story is that Louis (Michael Urie) and Joe (David Krumholtz) have been best friends for years, and now they work together as architects. Louis is gay, Joe is straight. Louis is with Wyatt (Brandon Routh), and Joe is with Ali (Sophia Bush).

Louis and Joe are friends with each other, but they also get along with each other's significant others...sometimes a bit too much in the case of Louis, who is always getting in the middle of Joe and Ali's business (especially in last night's episode where he talks to Ali about sleeping with Joe more, and then cooking Joe dinner at night).

For those that don't know, Partners is created by the same people that created Will and Grace. When you watch the show, you can see the similarities...four friends, the gay/straight duo are partners at work instead of roommates, the humor, etc. And boy, does this have humor, especially when it comes to Louis. He really does make the show, as my mom says. Not that I don't like the other characters but Louis is very interesting...hilarious, selfish, and yet he does have a big heart and wants to take care of his friends (especially Joe).

I'm really excited that Joe is played by David Krumholtz because I see him and think "Bernard!" aka Bernard the Elf from the first two Santa Clause films. Yes, that's him. Fun, eh?

Bernard the Elf, source

Sophia Bush does a great job as Ali. Her interactions with Louis are particularly amusing and fun.

As for Brandon Routh as Wyatt...he's a bit amusing, and seems like a good guy, but we've gotten more about Joe and Ali's relationship so far than Louis/Wyatt, so it will be nice to have that expanded in future episodes. They also seem to make Wyatt a bit of a bumbling fool...moreso in the second episode though. He's a nurse, so he's obviously smart, but he seems to be the "stupid funny" aspect of the show and that's not really fair for Routh as an actor, so I hope we can see him grow more as time goes on.

Besides that little quibble, I really love the show. I think it's fun and humorous and I like the idea of a gay/straight friendship between two guys. I hope this one does well!

What do you think? Have you seen it? Plan to check it out now?