We Comment Back

Comment Back Policy

One cannot keep up a blog without comments. Or should I say, a successful blog. It's fun to write something and have another person leave their thoughts. You can't hold a giveaway without people entering. Nobody wants a review of their product if they can't tell if people are reading. Your followers indicate that, but you know what's great for both sides? You got it! COMMENTS!

So this is my Comment Back Policy:

-if you leave a comment on one of my posts, I will then go and comment on your blog.

-However, if you leave a comment on a giveaway post...that won't count. Giveaways are great but sometimes they end up just being a "enter me" or something simple. Because giveaways don't count for a reply back, I won't comment on your giveaways (unless I want to enter them of course.) Instead, I'll make sure I comment on another post.

-so it's simple. Comment here, I'll comment you back. These include ANY posts that aren't giveaways. They can be reviews, spotlights, guest posts, interviews, etc. It doesn't matter. Just don't make it a giveaway post...unless you want to enter: which, please do!

Feel free to use this on your blog too. I think blogger comraderie is ideal.