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Contest...Extended, Or Not?

The LGBT giveaway is supposed to end on August 31...but I just think we can do better than this. Where's the LGBT book love? It's not hard to find a book that fits the why don't more people enter to try and win a fun basket of books? I'm thinking about extending this...but I don't know.

Do you want me to?

I took out the critique portion of the giveaway. More on that later. It's not totally gone. I'm just adjusting how we do that part of the giveaway.

I still want to give away the books now though. And this IS in honor of the scholarship, so spread the word about that and apply if you can!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New York Times Bestselling Author Fights for LGBT Rights!

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted here. I do apologize. I have a few reviews that will go up soon. If you comment though, it motivates me even more. I want to hear from you all!

Right now, I have some news. Author Jessica Verday is helping out with my Living Beyond Tolerance scholarship. She has an LGBT short story for sale...and during the month of August, half the proceeds will go to the scholarship and whoever is the winner. Amazing, right? So buy the e-book, apply for the scholarship, tell others about these things, etc. etc. I need your help!!

Check out Jessica's post about the story, why she decided to help me out (and I'm SO thankful) and how to order the story which is called Flesh Which is Not Flesh!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Boyfriends with Girlfriends by Alex Sanchez

Boyfriends with Girlfriends by Alex Sanchez

Review by: Lauren

Copy From: I bought it!

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Official Summary: Lance has always known he was gay, but he's never had a real boyfriend. Sergio is bisexual, but his only real relationship was with a girl. When the two of them meet, they have an instant connection--but will it be enough to overcome their differences?

Allie's been in a relationship with a guy for the last two years--but when she meets Kimiko, she can't get her out of her mind. Does this mean she's gay? Does it mean she's bi? Kimiko, falling hard for Allie, and finding it impossible to believe that a gorgeous girl like Allie would be into her, is willing to stick around and help Allie figure it out.

Review: I've read a few books by Alex Sanchez now, and I have to admit, I'm definitely a fan. This particular book deals a lot with the idea of bisexuality. It seems strange to me, being straight, that people that are gay or lesbian often don't believe in being bi. I think it's all just who you are. You can be gay, straight, lesbian, transgender...and yeah, I believe you can be bi. You just like both genders equally and can be attracted to either one at any time. Sanchez obviously agrees. In Boyfriends with Girlfriends, Lance really likes Sergio...but he's not sure he could ever date him since Sergio says he's bi. Lance doesn't think it's real. He's gay, he likes boys...why can't Sergio just admit the same thing and completely come of the closet? The thing is...he is out. He's just out as who he is, which is bi. Lance has to learn to deal with that, as well as the fact that he's more innocent in the relationship department, so to speak, than Sergio is.

As for Allie...she thinks she might like girls, but it was never something she really considered. She's been with her boyfriend Chip for years, so she likes boys, right? I think Allie would be considered bi as well, the same as Sergio. It's just at this point in her life, she'd much rather be with Kimiko (who is a lesbian) than with Chip. Kimiko lives in a strict family and while they know she dresses more "like a boy" than a girl, they don't actually know that Kimiko wants to be with a girl and not a guy. Between these two, Allie is the more experienced one in a relationship...but Kimiko knows more about liking girls and being okay with that for the most part.

I really liked that both couples and all four characters had their issues to work out. They were all dealing with their sexuality in some way, but more important...they were simply learning how to be in a stable relationship: one where they were happy and healthy and felt that everything was okay.

While this book doesn't have specific sections for each character, it does follow all of them. You don't just get Lance's point of view or just Kimiko' get all of them. Which is nice. You can see what they are thinking and what the other one is thinking and sometimes you just wish they would all open up more! It's life though, and it takes time. Sigh. Too bad for us. But then again, I suppose it makes it more intersting for us.

This is a very good book. If you aren't sure about bisexuality, it might help you understand it more as well. Beyond that, it's just an enjoyable read and that deals with issues of today. It's also quite a fast read too!

Don't forget, if you buy this book or any other LGBT novel, you get entered the giveaway. Details at the top of the page!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Same-Sex Marriage Legal in New York

Do Not Own

New York State voted...and same-sex marriage is now legal.

It's just a step. But it's still a step.

Congratulations to New York for making the right decision. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Leslie Jordan - My Trip Down the Pink Carpet

Leslie Jordan: My Trip Down the Pink Carpet

Review by: Lauren

Copy from:

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My Trip Down the Pink Carpet is a stand-up comedy show with Leslie Jordan. The reason I know Mr. Jordan is through Will and Grace. Though it's probably obvious by now, Leslie Jordan is a gay man who went through a lot to get where he is now. If you've seen Jordan in anything, you should know that he has what people would call the "stereotypical gay voice." You would think this would make it hard to hide, but hide Jordan tried. It didn't last of course.

Jordan tells random stories from his life, starting from a younger age to where he is now. He often gets off track and starts "rambling" about something else...but it obviously works. It makes it fun and intersesting to watch. He's definitely a good comedian and I enjoyed hearing about his life...especially when he mentioned some of the celebrities he has worked with.

I'm not sure if the DVD has a set rating, though I'm sure it doesn't since it's stand-up. I do want to warn you that there is a slightly inappropriate story that is really only suitable for an older audience. Thes rest of it would be more of a typical PG-13 rating.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Computer FAIL + Giveaway

You may have seen this over at my other blog, but if not...I'm having a lot of computer trouble and I won't get it back until late this week. Right now, I'm on my sister's, but I still probably won't have posts up this week. I do have some things to post I'm hoping to fill up next week a bit more.  I hope you will keep an eye out and comment.

and please comment on the past few posts, especially the Scott Boswell interview. I know I keep saying it, but it would mean a lot...and I'll comment YOU back if you do...on your own blog!!!


P.S. DON'T FORGET THE LGBT SUMMER GIVEAWAY!! Details on top of blog!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Transgender Prom Queen

Thanks to The Happy Nappy Bookseller for letting me know about the first transgender Prom Queen at a public school in the U.S.

Her name is Andii (formerly Andrew) and she was up against 14 girls to win. Wow, what a wonderful accomplishment!! It's great that something like this can actually happen these days. It's great that Andii's personal dream of becoming Prom Queen came true, despite the gender she was born as. To her, she's a female and that means she would not run for Prom King.

Another thing I read in the article that was exciting is that not only is Andii in the school's Gay Straight Alliance, but so is Juan, the Prom King. Isn't that wonderful?

It wasn't entirely easy for Andii to run as there were some people fighting to get her name off the ballot. Thankfully, it worked out though.

Please leave your thoughts on this event in the comments. As long as you aren't rude, we won't delete you!

Oh, and please still leave a comment in the following interview with director, Scott Boswell. Don't leave your thoughts about the interview here as Scott might not see them. Thanks!

(photo from article. I don't own)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Want All of Catherine's YA Titles?

Catherine Ryan Hyde has donated all SIX of her YA novels to the TLC Auctions. That means if you bid and you're the get all of them, not just a choice of one or two. ALL OF THEM PEOPLE!

Catherine will have another auction posted soon as well, so you must be following along with the auctions and bidding on the ones you want or can. Bid to give yourself something, to give someone else something, or just to benefit two very deserving people and their families.

Normally, I try and space out posts...but I really want people to know about this, so please please please read the interview before this one. Scott is wonderful and took the time out of his life to answer my questions. It would mean a lot to us both if you left a comment...even if it's a quick one!!

amazon associate: buy the book, we get a small percentage. but think about bidding it forward is in the six titles you could win.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Interview with Writer/Director Scott Boswell

As most of you should know, I recently reviewed the film The Stranger in Us. Now, I was lucky enough to ask writer/director Scott Boswell some questions about the movie, his next projects, and even the possibility of writing a novel. The Stranger in Us was one of those films I could see as a book and would definitely enjoy I think it would be great if Scott ever wrote and published a novel, especially if it geared toward a YA audience on some level.

1. As the writer and director of The Stranger in Us, what was the overall process of bringing this film to life?

That's a big question, so I'll try to be succinct. I started the project in May 2008 after several years of making short films and writing feature screenplays. I had decided it was time to make my first feature film, which is a really important step for any independent filmmaker. You can spend years and years trying to find the funds to make a film, or you can pick up a camera and make one. I opted for picking up a camera, which of course also meant a very tight budget and going into debt. But I have noregrets. We kept the production very small and local and culled as many favors as possible. Now I've made my film and it's even found a distribution pathway around the world.

2. I'm a huge fan of titles, so I was wondering...what were your own personal thoughts when naming The Stranger in Us?

I actually had a hard time naming this film; I didn't settle on a title until way into the editing phase. When "The Stranger in Us" came to me, that seemed right because it captures a major theme in the film -- that of on discovering a part of yourself you never thought was there. For Anthony, it was about finding himself in an abusive relationship.

3. One of the things we focus on a lot here are novels. Do you think you'd ever turn your writing to the page?

Absolutely! In fact, I have. I've written quite a few short stories, and I've even worked on a novel version of one of my screenplays, A Good Kid. I still think this particular story would work well as a novel, and one
day I hope to finish it. I'm thinking about NaNoWriMo this year.

Scott Boswell

4. According to your website, you are working on the concept for a television series. Can you share anything concerning that?

Sure, it's a dual-character narrative, meaning it focuses equally on the lives of two characters. But we also see these two character at three different points in their lives, so there are actually six narratives happening. One is a gay kid / young man; the other is a middle class black girl / woman. They progress from rivals as pre-teens to best friends in high school to near strangers as adults.

5. As people can see from my review, I really enjoyed the character of Gavin. Any thoughts on writing something that surrounds just teens?

Yes, in fact, I've always been drawn to stories of youth in my writing. At the moment I'm working on two scripts about teens -- one is a high school comedy set in the 1980s (but very different from a John Hughes film); the other is dramatic story about a Latino youth in the U.S. who learns at the age of 16 that he's undocumented. My plan is to make one of these films next.

6. Everybody's character in The Stranger in Us has an open-ended story. What made you decide to go that route?

Good question. It was mostly an aesthetic or stylistic choice. I strove for realism with this story, and resolution doesn't always come with realism. And I think the choice of open-endedness compliments the genre, a character-driven drama; wrapping things up likely would have felt forced.

7. The editing is different from most films in The Stranger in Us. How did that idea come about? Was it a choice intended to add mystery?

I think you're probably talking about the story structure, specifically the "shuttling around" in time. A sense of mystery wasn't quite the intended goal; however, I did intend a sense of confusion as Anthony tries to make sense of his relationship with Stephen. In my mind, the film takes place over only two days: The first is Gavin's 18th birthday, when Anthony breaks down; the second is the next day, when Anthony takes a bus to find Gavin in Chico. Every other scene is a memory Anthony has while on the bus -- memories of the first two people he became close to in San Francisco, both of whom he subsequently lost. So for me as a writer, the shuttling in time is really Anthony's stream-of-consciousness.

8. What LGBT films would you recommend, besides your own?

Wow, there's so much to choose. I'm actually teaching a class on Queer Cinema at San Francisco State University at the moment, so I've been focused on this very subject. For people interested in LGBT film, I highly recommend the classic book, The Celluloid Closet, by Vito Russo. I've been influenced by directors like Gus Van Sant (My Own Private Idaho) and Pedro Almodóvar (Bad Education). Some recent favorites include the Canadian film I Killed My Mother by Xavier Dolan and the local documentary We Were Here: The AIDS Years in San Francisco by David Weissman.

Buy the film from our link, and we get a small percentage. I do not own any photos.

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Living Beyond Tolerance Scholarship/Contest

I'm setting up a scholarship. It's a bit informal. We won't know the full amount (but the smallest it will be is $200) until the end of November of 2011. However, you can start applying TODAY (June 1 -End of November) and I'd really love to see people from all over getting involved. If you can't apply...spread the word. Regardless, there is something most of you can do (big or small) and I'd love to have more help.

To find out more about the scholarship, please go here and read up! It's called the "Living Beyond Tolerance" scholarship and is for those that identify as LGBT or an Ally. You must simply be working to make sure everyone is accepted and NOT just tolerated.

In honor of this scholarship and to raise more awareness for it, we're holding a contest for the months of June and July called LGBT BOOK SUMMER

To enter:
One must purchase an LGBT novel and send a photo of the book or receipt to the following email: lauren51990 AT aol DOT com
This will enter them to win a prize pack of LGBT-themed novels, including a signed copy of David Inside Out by Lee Bantle.
You can start sending in your entries in the form of a pic/receipt NOW until August 31 (EXTENDED)
Please spread the word about this giveaway and the scholarship. It would mean a lot. Help us make it a success. And if you wish to donate something for the November auctions, send an email here: lauren51990 AT aol DOT com
Basket Contents
(this will keep being updated during the next two months)
1. Signed copy of David Inside Out by Lee Bantle (donated by author)

2. My Invented Life by Lauren Bjorkman (donated by author)

3. A collection of books by Tom Dolby (donated by author)

4. Your choice of ONE of Julie Anne Peters' LGBT themed novels (donated by author)

5. Don't Let Me Go by J. H. Trumble (donated by author)

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The Popularity Papers (Books 1 & 2) Review!

The Popularity Papers: Research for the Social Improvement and General Betterment of Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang by Amy Ignatow

Review by: Lauren

Copy From:

amazon associate: buy either of these books, we get a small percentage for the site

Summary: Lydia and Julie have been best friends for years but now that they are coming to the end of fifth grade, they start a dual notebook that will help them to become popular for middle school. They pay attention to the popular girls in their grade and what they wear, what sports they play, and even what boys they have crushes on. As they try and mimick these things, they soon learn what they actually like and what they are just fine tossing aside.

Review: The Popularity Papers is a middle grade series with only two books currrently out. What I loved about the books is that both girls write and draw, except Lydia is a bad drawer and writes in cursive...while Julie is an excellent drawer and has dark, bold writing. If you look at the covers...the characters are "Julie's" drawings. Julie has dark hair...Lydia has blonde.

Even though these are aimed at middle grade readers, I think they would be enjoyed by many. They are fun, quick reads with lots of cool drawings and observations about how to live your life and become the "true you" so to speak....even if that means taking things adults say with a grain of salt!

The reason I'm putting this book on Let's Get Beyond Tolerance is because Julie has two dads and no mom. I thought this was great for many reasons. One, I think LGBT characters in books are great in general...especially when they are just there and part of normal life. Also, even though I don't read much MG, I haven't read or heard of any other titles that really focus on LGBT characters. Julie loves her dads, calling them Daddy and Papa Dad. They are quirky and fun and serious and just good parents. It's great to see this overall, like I said, but even better to have it in an MG novel where younger kids can learn to accept these things a bit earlier.

The Popularity Papers: The Long-Distance Dispatch Between Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang by Amy Ignatow

Review by: Lauren

Copy From:

Summary: Lydia's mom has gotten a great job opportunity and will be going off to England with her two daughters...much to their dislike. One of the good things is that it will only be six months but that's still six months of middle school away from her best friend, Julie. While in England, Lydia forms a group of friends consisting of some of the kids on the outer fringe of popularity. As for Julie, she makes her way into one of the most popular cliques known as the Bichons.

Review: Using some of what they observed in the first book, both girls try and become a bit more popular...and still learn as much as they their respective corners of the world. I personally love anything that deals with England so it was really fun to see Lydia's adventures there and the new words she learned. Lydia's particular crisis in this book is that she must learn to accept people as they are and sure, encourage your friends, but don't force them to do things. She also must deal with her mom possibly falling for a guy...and where does that leave her? Stuck in England?

Julie, on the other hand, is doing pretty well for herself...or so you think. She soon realizes that the Bichons aren't that great of people and she'll have to figure out just who her real friends are and how to stand up for herself.

These are all pretty universal issues, and some of them can take place at even an older age...which goes with the idea that these aren't just for the MG crowd.  I like that the girls are bit clueless with things. I don't think they are too "dumb" or anything, just a bit naive. They are kind of dorky girls who really only had each other for awhile...and here they are in middle school with kids from various elementary schools and they have to survive. Well, at least Julie does. Lydia has to make do with everything being new.

I loved that Ignatow plays with Lydia and Julie's friendship in various ways. They aren't always happy with each other...they argue, they write things about each other (for only their eyes), and they stop talking sometimes. It's a normal friendship that grows and changes.

As for Julie's dads, you seem them just as much in this one as the other...and they are just as adorable! I think Ignatow does a great job showcasing various parents and siblings (such as Lydia's sister, Melody). They are all very unique and their own people...but it works somehow, like most families!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

LGBT News of the Week

First off, I'm sorry for the delay on keeping up with posts. It should be known by now that I do post here a little less than my other blog most days, but lately, it's just been school crazy. Thankfully, it's almost the summer. For now though...I wanted to share the LGBT News of the Week.

Evan Rachel Wood has stated that she is bisexual. She even discusses of her love of androgyny. I always think it's great when people can be honest and open about who they are...and Evan is one of my favorite actresses. She's what you would call my "girl crush" so I was particularly pleased to read about her being even more okay with who she is.

Jordan Todosey, who plays the first transgender character (Adam) on Degrassi, recently did an interview with AfterEllen. I haven't kept up with Adam's storyline as much as I wanted to, but it seems to be going along really well...and I think Jordan sounds like a very great person!

Actor Avan Jogia has started a campaign titled Straight But Not Narrow. It seems to mostly be about straight guys supporting gay guys and trying to show others that it's not an issue, so why make it one? This is amazing and I applaud everyone already involved in this process (and the others that are sure to join). Josh Hutcherson (The Kids are Alright) is even involved! They have some PSA's filmed, which I still need to watch but you can read Jogia's interview on AfterElton.

Daniel Radcliffe is more than happy to say he believes that gay marriage should be legal, and I'm incredibly happy he agrees!

John Waters has a collection of essays out...I have to say, I'm really tempted to check it out. Plus, you can read about Alex Sanchez's latest which I just got in the mail (yay amazon gift cards). Oh, and a new comic This Gay Existence looks great!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Raising by Laura Kasischke

The Raising by Laura Kasischke

Review by: Lauren

Copy From: Publisher

Amazon Associate: Buy book, our site gets a small percentage

Official Summary: Last year Godwin Honors Hall was draped in black. The university was mourning the loss of one of its own: Nicole Werner, a blond, beautiful, straight-A sorority sister tragically killed in a car accident that left her boyfriend, who was driving, remarkably—some say suspiciously—unscathed.

Although a year has passed, as winter begins and the nights darken, obsession with Nicole and her death reignites: She was so pretty. So sweet-tempered. So innocent. Too young to die.

Unless she didn’t.

Because rumor has it that she’s back.

Review: The Raising is a bit of a feat to get through. Part of that is its size, as it is quite long, but most of that comes from the fact that it's just so jammed pack with so many emotions. There is the overreaching story that concerns Nicole Werner and her mysterious death...but that's not all. There is love, hate, jealousy, anger, happiness...just so so much!!

The book goes through various point of views, which I loved. It reminded me of Jodi Picoult in that regard except The Raising has even more than Picoult's usual two. First, you have Craig...Nicole's boyfriend and who people are calling her murderer. Then, you have Perry...he grew up with Nicole, went to college and became roommates with Craig. He's also one of the few people on Craig's side after the accident. Then there is Mira, a professor at the college and someone who Perry enlists to help him figure out the mystery of Nicole's death. Finally, we get Shelly and the reason I'm posting this review at Let's Get Beyond Tolerance. She works in the music department and had Josie (Nicole's roommate) as a work-study student after the car wreck. Josie somehow finds her way into Shelly's bed...but not everything is bliss.

All four of these people always were or become connected to Nicole somehow, and because of that, their lives are forever changed. It was fascinating to get inside the minds and lives of all these men and women. It isn't just about Nicole, especially with the two women: Mira and Shelly. But somehow, it all comes back to Nicole.

Is Nicole dead? Is she hiding out at her sorority's house? Is she haunting Craig, Perry...? It's hard to tell. The questions and mysteries just keep piling up as you read and I found myself desperate for answers. I can't say everything is wrapped up nice and neat at the end. I suppose we really wouldn't want that. I know I wouldn't. At first, there were things I was upset about. I wanted to throw the book against the wall for different reasons. But it's's life. Not everything is perfect or pretty...especially not when all is said and done.

As for the characters, I love that they aren't perfect...anything. They aren't perfectly good or perfectly bad. They all make mistakes, they all seem to let other things take over in their lives...It's real though. It's not some make-believe faiy tale where everything always goes well. Get the girl, all is great. Get the job, all is wonderful. It doesn't happen that way. It's give and take, it's work, work work. It's pain and hurt and triumph and success.

I just really loved this novel. It's something that would generate many discussions. It's definitely a great book club book. I just wish I knew if author Kasischke has all the answers I'm dying to know...not that she'd give them up I'm sure.

YA Level (again, this is not a book rating. It's how YA-appropriate the book is): 6/7 out of 10. 10 out of 10 is perfect YA!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Snowball in Hell by Josh Lanyon

Snowball in Hell by Josh Lanyon

Review by: Lauren

Copy From: Netgalley

amazon associate: buy book, we get small percentage

Official Summary:

Los Angeles, 1943

Reporter Nathan Doyle had his reasons to want Phil Arlen dead, but when he sees the man's body pulled from the La Brea tar pit, he knows he'll be the prime suspect. He also knows that his life won't stand up to intense police scrutiny, so he sets out to crack the case himself.

Lieutenant Matthew Spain's official inquiries soon lead him to believe that Nathan knows more than he's saying. But that's not the only reason Matt takes notice of the handsome journalist. Matt's been drawn to men before, but he must hide his true feelings—or risk his entire career.

As Nathan digs deeper, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay one step ahead of Matt Spain—and to deny his intense attraction to him. Nathan's secrets may not include murder, but has his hunt put him right in the path of the real killer?

Review: I love that Snowball in Hell is not just an LGBT book. It's first, and foremost, a mystery novel. Somebody has been found dead and they figure he must have been murdered...after all, he was apparently kidnapped, though the family never told the police. I'm not the most savvy when it comes to mysteries, so feel free to take this with a "grain of salt" if you will...but I didn't know who the murderer was until the end. To be honest, I thinkt it would be a surprise for most people...and for those that do figure it out, I don't see how you would until close to the end anyway.

As for the LGBT content, it is there. Being gay in 1943 is much, much harder than being gay today so Nathan keeps it quiet and meets up with people in secret. It's not ideal, but he cannot stop it. He has to be with people he's actually attracted to. Matt, on the other hand, never really allowed himself to think about his attraction to the same sex...not until he meets Nathan. While Matt finds himself attracted to Nathan, he's also curious as to just how this guy who was recently out of town found himself amongst a murder case (besides being a reporter).

The relationship between Matt and Nathan was very interesting to read. I liked that they came from two different sides of things, and they really show that the care for the other (especially Matt, who finds himself wanting to make sure Nathan is taken care of and not hurt by anyone).

You know, whenever I review something here, I make sure to talk about anything in the book that might not be suitable for the YA set. Again, being a young adult varies in many years...or so I obviously, I think this book is appropriate for some YA but not all. The ones that might want to wait would be a much younger set...15 or 16 and under. The sexual content you would read about (and that's about everything that's 'adult') takes place near the end of the book and pretty much constitutes a chapter. The rest of it is much more focused on the "innocent" side of romance as well as the mystery.

I do recommend this book. I also heard it was the first in a new series, so I'm excited about that. I'd definitely enjoy reading more of Nathan and Matt's story.

On the level of YA...I'd give this a 7 out of 10! (this is not the book's rating. I don't really rate books. This number is what I talked about appropriate for YA).

Monday, April 4, 2011

Between Mom and Jo by Julie Anne Peters

Between Mom and Jo by Julie Anne Peters

Review by: Lauren

Copy from: I bought it

Amazon Associate: buy book, we get small percent

Official Summary:

Nick has two Moms. That makes him different than most everyone else at school.

And now his parents are splitting up.

Suddenly he has the same problem faced by lots of other teenagers:

How are you supposed to choose between them?

Review: Nick doesn't think it's weird to have two moms. He has "Mom" and "Jo" but they are both huge parts of his life. The problems usually come from the outside...people making fun of him, telling him his family is weird. So when the trouble starts showing up inside his house, that's the hard part. He wants his parents to stay together, but he can't stop them from drifting apart.

I liked that the beginning of the book were memories of Nick growing up. At the end of the chapter, there would be a present day Nick stating his thoughts about that particular time. It gives you a nice look into his life and how he grew up. Nick also keeps a scrapbook, and this is a nice way of showing that...little things he includes in his scrapbook have to do with various memories (like a watermelon seed).

After a point, it's just Nick and his life now. He has to deal with his mom getting cancer, Mom and Jo fighting, Jo moving out, Mom not wanting him to see Jo, and Mom falling for someone new. It's crazy and intense and Nick hates it. He just wants his life to be normal again.

I loved that Peters didn't make his moms perfect or saints. It would be easy to have a book with two moms showcasing them as the perfect parents. After all, with so much anger about LGBT men and women having wouldn't want a book going along with that, would you? But Peters doesn't focus on that. She simply shows a regular family going through their problems. Sure, Nick might have two moms...but that doesn't mean they are bad parents. They fight, they make mistakes. It's normal.

In the end, everything isn't sunshine and daises...but everyone has grown. They have all realized they have to move forward. They can't blame others, and they can't get mad about the things that life throws on them. Nick, especially, changes...and as he does, things begin to work out for him. They aren't perfect, but whose life is? He's finally getting back a new sort of normal.

I'm a big fan of Julie Anne Peters, and after read this one, I know I'll just keep grabbing her work off the shelves.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Glass Minstrel by Hayden Thorne

The Glass Minstrel by Hayden Thorne

Review by: Lauren

Copy from: Author

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Official Summary: The Christmas season in mid-19th century Bavaria is brought to life in the THE GLASS MINSTREL, a new, original historical novel from acclaimed author Hayden Thorne. Two fathers, Abelard Bauer and Andreas Schifffer, are brought together through the tragic deaths of their eldest sons. Bauer, a brilliant toymaker, fashions glass Christmas ornaments and his latest creation is a minstrel with a secret molded into its features. When Schiffer sees Bauer's minstrel ornament in the toy shop, he realizes that Bauer is struggling to keep his son's memory alive through his craft. At first he tries to fault him for this, but then recognizes that he, too, is seeking solace and healing by reading his son's diary, a journal that reveals, in both painful as well as beautiful detail, the true nature of his relationship with the artisan's son. In addition to the story of the two fathers, a third character is central to the plot: fifteen-year-old Jakob Diederich. The young man is burdened with his own secret; he develops an obsession with a traveling Englishman who stays at the inn where Jakob works. The lives of all three men intersect during the holiday as Schiffer tries to focus on his family in the present; Bauer struggles to reconcile his past and Jakob copes with an uncertain future.

Review: The Glass Minstrel was one of the first historical novels I've read in awhile...and definitely the first at all that had LGBT content. I wasn't entirely sure if it would be a fit for me...but I'm definitely glad I read it now as it was very interesting. The fact that it took  place in the 19th century certainly shows viewers that feeling attraction for a person of the same sex has been around for a long time, and this is nothing new. While The Glass Minstrel shows that it could be much harder to deal with in the past...that didn't mean you could not be happy.

The novel is told through three different points of view: Bauer, Schiffer, and Jakob. In the beginning of each chapter, there is a section from Schiffer's son's diary. This diary allows you to see the relationship as it was between the sons of Bauer and Schiffer and not just the gossip and speculation that surrounds the men in their small town. This was definitely an interesting addition to the story and I really enjoyed it.  As for Jakob, he knows that he's gay too...but he doesn't know of anyone else, and his best friend won't talk to him about it (after all, it was just a mistake, right?).  It's fascinating being inside Jakob's head as he finally learns the story behind Bauer and Schiffer's son...and that his feelings aren't so bad...but still, who does he turn to?

As for Bauer and Schiffer, they both have to deal with life after losing their sons...and hopefully come to a reconciliation about the past, their future, and each other.

I've known of Hayden Thorne for awhile now, but this was my first time actually reading one of her books, and I'm sure glad I did. The Glass Minstrel is definitely a winter story in many ways, but you shouldn't let that stop you from checking it out whenever you wish. Even if you aren't a historical fan, you might still enjoy this. It's a universal story that could take place anywhere at any time.

This will definitely not be the last Hayden Thorne novel I read!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

LGBT News of the Week - Dan Radcliffe to Lady Gaga

LGBT News of the Week

I've had some various links saved for awhile, so I apologize if any of these are a bit old...but you may not have seen them yet, so check it out.

Some members of GLEE talk about who they believe should play Rachel's two dads. Through comment, I think Taye Diggs and Anthony Rapp would be cool. They are both from the original RENT cast and so was Indina Menzel (Rachel's mom).

An interesting interview about how The L Life came to be, and even a bit on the people included!

Do you wish there was a lesbian Twilight? Well, a new publishing company, Tiny Satchel Press, is bringing one to you! Learn more on AfterEllen.

AfterEllen also has a Gay Winter Book Guide. Personally, Kiss and Tell looks amazing!

Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tour is coming to HBO on May 7, 2011. I'm definitely excited as I've never seen her live...though I'd love to!

For all you GLEE fans...apparently, Santana is a lesbian. I'm definitely excited the show is going that route. It will be nice to have various sides celebrated.

Jodi Picoult's latest novel, Sing You Home, deals with a lesbian couple...and is going to be hitting the big screen. Guess who is one of the main people behind it? None other than Ellen DeGeneres!

Harry Potter's Dan Radcliffe has been supporting The Trevor Project, an organization that helps LGBT teens, for awhile...and now he will be honored this June with the Hero award.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Adam Lambert Collection

Adam Lambert may have lost American Idol, but he's also one of the few from the show that went on to do amazing things. Personally, I'm a huge fan and I'm excited to see anything and everything Adam becomes involved in. This post is going to include a few Adam-related news items as well as my review of his live show hence The Adam Lambert Collection.

The photo you see off to the side is an album/dvd being released this Tuesday, March 22. It's called Glam Nation Live and includes live versions from his show as well a some dvd footage. I was one of the lucky people who got to see Adam perform during his Glam Nation tour and you'll find my brief review of that below. For now, this might be something you'd like to check out...whether you saw him live or not.

We are a part of Amazon Associates: Buy the album from our link and we get a small percentage.

This is the DVD tracklising according to Amazon-

1. Voodoo

2.Down The Rabbit Hole

3.Ring Of Fire



6.Whataya Want From Me



9.Sure Fire Winners


11.Music Again

12.If I Had You

13.20th Century Boy
I also wanted to mention an interview Adam did with The Hollywood Reporter. He talks Lady Gaga, this new season of Idol, and his new album. I thought the following question/answer was interesting for those excited to learn more about his upcoming album...I know I sure am!
THR: You tweeted about recently working with songwriter Ryan Tedder, what else can you tell us about your new album?

Lambert: I think if anything, it might be a little less campy than the last one. With [For Your Entertainment], I really wanted to go high glam; it was always a vibe and a concept I was in love with and I did it for a year. I think evolution is good and I'm attracted to the slightly more serious… not so much fantasy or a mask put on -- which is fun, great f---ing rock-n-roll -- but I’m very drawn to music and artists that are singing from the heart about real things.

Everyone can actually purchase a remix of Adam's song "Aftermath" on his website right now. All the money will go to The Trevor Project, a wonderful LGBT organization. Here is a bit of what Adam had to say about the song and how it fits with the Trevor message in many ways-

It can be about a lot of different things. It's a really interesting song because one of the people I wrote it with was talking about overcoming addiction, someone else said it spoke about family. When I was an adolescent, I was really confused and had the good fortune to be raised in a very liberal, open home, but not everybody is. Back when I was dealing with that, I didn't really have a lot of examples. So that was one of the other reasons why I wanted this song to be a battle-cry, because there's not a lot of people that are championing this type of issue.

And finally...the ending of this collection!

Glam Nation Live Review

By: Lauren

When I realized that Adam was touring, I knew that I needed to go. However, there didn't seem to be any shows near me that worked and many places were already selling out (good for Adam, not for me). A friend of mine mentioned there being a show really close to us though...a place I knew, but didn't realize he was coming to. I checked it out and YES, he was coming and I was so excited. I got tickets and voila, my first and most certainly NOT my last Adam Lambert concert.

If you watched Adam on American Idol, you already know that he's wild and crazy and just so charismatic on stage. He really does own it, with interesting outfits and wonderful vocals. It was just amazing. Adam captured the audience and never let go until the show was over and you wished it would just keep going on. He performed many songs from his debut album, but he also did some covers like "Ring of Fire" and "20th Century Boy" were fun and exciting to hear as well. Plus, it brought you back to American Idol and their cover songs (since that's where most people fell in love with him).

Overall, Adam's great live. He's a true performer that brings you a wonderful show and lets you leave feeling satisfied with your choice in buying tickets. If you haven't seen him, you should if you ever get the chance.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Stranger in Us DVD Review

The Stranger in Us DVD Review

By: Lauren

Copy From: Breaking Glass Pictures

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Official Summary:

In this poetic debut feature, director Scott Boswell explores the pleasures and perils of losing and regaining oneself through the journey of a young, gay man in the wake of a traumatic breakup

Small-town Anthony (Raphael Barker, Shortbus) follows his heart to San Francisco, eager for domestic bliss with new boyfriend, Stephen. Soon Anthony faces a waking nightmare as their volatile relationship reaches the breaking point. Isolated and financially strained, Anthony takes to the nighttime city streets where he meets a strange and alluring cast of hook-ups and wanderers. When he befriends a precocious, young street hustler named Gavin, Anthony finds the human contact he craves, yet his inner struggles continue to engulf him.

I posted the official summary above so you know the basics of what this film is about. As for my review, I wanted to just state my feelings on the film. After I watched this, I immediately wanted to watch it all over again. It's not something that happens every time I watch a movie of course...just the ones that I really enjoyed or spoke to me in some way. The Stranger in Us, was obviously, one of those films. It's a slightly dark film all around and definitely shows the harder side of being in a relationship (Anthony) and finding freedom and the chance to be yourself (Gavin).

One of the things that I kept thinking about The Stranger in Us is that Adam Perez, who played Gavin, is an amazing actor. I really enjoyed the character of Gavin...and he's definitely the "young adult" point of view as he's 17 through most of it. I just think Perez did an amazing job showing viewers the type of person that Gavin is and who he wishes he could be. He deals with a lot but he also has a very optimistic look on life. He does things that he shouldn't, but he also helps Anthony stay on the right side of life in other ways by not doing drugs, and not going back to Stephen. You look at the type of things Gavin does to survive on his own and you might think he has no respect for himself, but it's not as simple as that. You really get to see the various sides of his life.

The Stranger in Us is set up, editing wise, in an interesting fashion. It took me awhile to follow actually as it has three different times being mixed together. I suppose it's hard to explain, but it gets easier as the film goes on. You just have to keep watching, figure out what is happening and when, and you're good.

I'm not sure The Stranger in Us has a rating, but I suppose with everything included...I would say it's rated R as it can be a bit graphic in parts. You definitely should have a more mature audience viewing this.

I was sad when the ending came, but I also found it to be realistic. Not everything is the way you might wish it to be, and it's definitely not a "happily ever after" end, but again, it seems more real because of this. You can still see the silver lining so to speak. It definitely left me curious about the characters' futures though and I think that's a sign of a pretty good film.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jodi Picoult's Newest Novel Tackles Gay Rights

I love Jodi Picoult. She has some amazing books and for somebody that loves stories that tackle tough and interesting issues...she is great. I know she's not everybody's taste but for a blog such as this, you should think about giving her latest novel a shot. It's called Sing you Home and features a lesbian couple. Of course, that is the simplest definition of it and the book will deal with many other topics.

The book just came out, so I have not read it myself, but I do want to. It sounds amazing and I'm really glad that one of the newest "issues" that Jodi is writing about is gay rights. She speaks really well about it too, as you can see in the After Ellen interview. It's a wonderful look into the story, the author, and it just might make you want to read the book...or read it even more if you already did. One thing I found really interesting is that while she was working on Sing You Home, her oldest son came out. I'm really glad he was able to do that, as I am for anyone who has the courage to be true to themselves. I just thought it was an interesting note...and according to Jodi, he really enjoyed the novel.

What are your thoughts on Jodi, Sing You Home, the interview? Let us know!


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Monday, February 28, 2011

Same-Sex Parenting Article

I do not own the above photo. It was taken from the article on

There was an article in Parenting magazine called "Meet the Same Sex Parents Next Door" and was written by one of the ladies above. It's all about how her and her wife deal with raising twins when it's just them...two moms. While they worry that some people will make a fuss, she was surprised that sometimes it didn't happen and she internally freaked out for nothing. It's very interesting to read, as I'm sure I'd be the same. You aren't sure how people are going to react to you and your you get weary, and when you're proven wrong, it's a surprise. A welcome surprise, of course.

You can actually go here to read the whole article and see pictures of their lovely family. What adorable boys, right? I will warn you that not all of the comments left on the site are nice. Some are quite rude and close-minded. Yes, everyone has a right to their opinion but I feel some of what was said was way beyond having a particular be forewarned if you visit and decide to explore the comments. The first one I saw is an example of this, so it might be something you glance over even without wishing to.

In my opinion, I think it was a great article. I actually read it in the magazine first and looked it up to share with everyone here...which is how I saw the comments. I think Parenting magazine should be praised for publishing this, even though many obviously do not agree and no longer wish to read the magazine. That's up to them though. For me, I think it was great.

If you want to read the article and share your own thoughts, feel free to do so. I'll only delete if things get mean or directly attack someone else...other than that, feel free to be honest and engage in discussion.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Losing Author Perry Moore

I've never read Hero by Perry Moore...but I do own the book. And not only do I own it, I actually bought it, which I figure I should mention since we all know that bloggers owning a book doesn't mean they bought it. I just want to say that, because right now is a good time to be supporting Perry Moore and his work.

On February 17th, I believe, Perry Moore passed away at the age of 39...which is just wow. That's so young and this incredibly sad. I really do hope to move Hero up on my list of TBR books so I can post my thoughts on Let's Get Beyond Tolerance.

For those that don't know, Perry Moore was an out author and executive producer of The Chronices of Narnia. Hero is actually about a superhero that happens to be gay.

If you want to buy the book, we get a small percentage for the site if you use our link (Amazon Associates) but you don't have to. Feel free to get the book however you wish.

Has anyone read Hero and have thoughts already? Or just something you want to share about Perry's life and death?

I found this information on After Elton and you can read more about it here.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Emma Watson's Latest Role

Do Not Own

By now, everyone knows that Emma Watson played Hermione Granger in all the Harry Potter films (last one coming out this summer!) However, we finally have news of her next Post-Potter project and I for one am thrilled that the rumors are true.

Emma will be starring as Sam in the movie adaptation of The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. This is one of my all-time favorite books...and it's great that the author is actually writing and directing the movie, so no complaints you book purists! :-)

You can read an article about it on Just So You Know, and even vote with your thoughts on Emma playing Sam. Actor Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) will star as the main character, Charlie. Sam is his friend/love interest...for those that aren't familiar with the book. I recommend you read it ASAP. It's one I love to go back to time and again.

And again, if you have not read this book...I posted the news here because there is some LGBT content in the novel. Just so you're aware!

So what do you think? Have you read this? Are you excited about Emma and Logan? If not, who did you want?


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Review: Gemini Bites by Patrick Ryan

Gemini Bites by Patrick Ryan

Copy from: Borrowed

Due Out: March 1, 2011

Review by: Lauren

Official Summary: One of the strangest (and funniest) love triangles ever to hit YA fiction, when a pair of twins (one boy, one girl) both fall for the boy who moves in with them…who may or may not be a vampire.

Judy and Kyle Renneker are sixteen-year-old fraternal twins in a rambling family of nine. They have a prickly history with each other and are, at least from Judy's perspective, constantly in fierce competition. Kyle has recently come out of the closet to his family and feels he might never know what it's like to date a guy. Judy, who has a history of pretending to be something she isn't in order to get what she wants, is pretending to be born-again in order to land a boyfriend who heads his own bible study.

When their parents announce that the family is going to be taking in a fellow student for a month so that he can finish the school year before moving away, both Kyle and Judy can't help but sit up and take notice. Garret Johnson, who is taking temporary residence in the newly finished attic, is a young man who moved into town less than a year ago and who is a mysterious, goth loner . . . and claims to be a vampire. He's not an easy person to get to know by any means, but the twins find him (to varying degrees) both strange and alluring.

GEMINI BITES explores what it means to pretend to be something you aren't, what happens when that backfires, and how in-your-face honesty is almost always the best course of action.

Review: While it's not certain if Garret is gay or straight...or even bi...Kyle is out and well, pretty much proud of who he is. He's never dated anyone, but had some experience with guys and his best friend happens to be gay as well. Kyle is pretty amusing as he's a huge exaggerator and yet he finds himself starting to become more and more interested in Garret who swears that he's a vampire. Well, one of their fellow classmates seems to believe it and he'll do just about anything he can to rid their school of evil...even if that means ridding them of Garret altogether.

As for Judy, whenever she finds she likes a guy...she starts to become "interested" in whatever they like and her recent conquest is all about the bible. But when Judy realizes that Kyle is starting to like Garret, she can't let her brother win, can she?

The book is told in alternating chapters...first Judy, then Kyle, and so on. I seemed to enjoy Kyle's story line a little more...but then again, I did first pick up this book for the LGBT content and that would be Kyle. He's also a funny character and you really do start to care for him and the way he's treated by Judy. This is especially poignant since the twins come from a big family and it's hard to find time with their parents.

Judy is a good character to though. She really goes through her own progressions and you'll find yourself shaking your head, yet letting laughter slip out, at some of her more mean statements.

In all, both teens are well-rounded and I felt like you got to see a big picture of who they were and what they were interested in. Kyle wasn't just the horny teen guy obsessing over boys...and Judy wasn't just a mean "actress" trying to get a boyfriend. You even see an interesting side of her, good and bad, when it comes to her best friend, Sasha. This girl was an amusing character, but you do feel for her as well...and it reminded me a lot of Brittany on GLEE. She's a bit ditsy and clueless and yet can see things that other people look over sometimes. You just have to love her!

As for their family, they were a lot of fun. The three younger siblings were a bit hard to keep straight sometimes...but the eldest, Tommy and Dexter, seemed to be their own people in the little time they had to "shine." Their parents were also very sweet and you could tell they cared and wanted to be there for their kids as much as they could...even though it's hard with a house full of them.

I'm really thankful I was given the chance to read Gemini Bites. I would definitely recommend it!

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

LGBT News of the Week

According to After Ellen NBC has picked up a show called I Hate That I Love You which involves a lesbian couple. While they do have a little complaint about the show, this is still something to be excited about. I can’t wait to hear more.

Also on After Ellen has revealed that Brian Falchuk, co-creator of Glee, tweeted that Brittany and Santana are “on” which means they are dating. To read more, go here. I’m really excited they are having a lesbian couple as well as having Kurt and Blaine…I do agree with some of the comments though. I hope this is serious and not just some one-off or whatever.

Oh, and apparently there is a RENT episode coming up? RENT is my favorite musical so I’m stoked!

You can now honor your favorite Glee characters by wearing their very own nail polish. This collection comes from Sephora.

My personal favorite, Kurt Hummel, has a green polish called Gleek Out.

The League of Extraordinary Writers discusses gay teens in YA Science Fiction and Fantasy. It's an interesting post...and I enjoyed reading the comments with book suggestions. I think more LGBT fiction for the YA range should be available in general though...

Author Alison Bechdel poses with the coffee table book The L Life which includes Glee’s Jane Lynch and Alison herself.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 LGBT Books- What Are They?


The book above was obviously written by this blog's co-creators, Lee Bantle. However...this is a book from last year. And now I'd really like to know what LGBT books are coming out in 2011. I've tried really hard to find a list, but it doesn't seem like anyone has one...I know of some books coming out that fall under this category but I'm hoping you all can help me so I don't miss any. Once I have somewhat of a list, I'll post them all up here for everyone to utilize. Leave your ideas in the comments or email: lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

And since it's February...I will take books that came out in January. It's always worth posting those for everyone to see as well.

So...what LGBT books coming out in 2011 do you know of? And they can be categorized under Adult...but be careful of those so they aren't inappropriate for the site. If you aren't sure, just send them over and say you didn't know.


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Friday, January 28, 2011

Gay Teens on TV

I'm sorry for posting this a bit late...only because this is the past week's copy of Entertainment Weekly. However, you still have time to head to the store and grab a copy before next week's issue takes over.

As you can see from the photo though, the main article in this issue was about Gay Teens on TV and how back in the early 90's, it was something you would rarely see. There was a gay teen featured in My So-Called Life in 1994, but that show only lasted one season. After that, it took about five more years. It's easy to see now though that things are changing.  Not only do you have Kurt and Blaine on GLEE (as the cover shows) but United States of Tara, Degrassi, Pretty Little Liars, and even the new 2011 shows...Shameless and Skins (U.S. version).

Personally, I'm really proud of networks finally showing young girls and boys that fall under the LGBTQ spectrum. Degrassi is even a pioneer with the fact that they have a transgender teen on their show as a main character. It's great...and I just hope it keeps getting better from here.

The article is really interesting if you want to hear more about some of these shows, and even past ones. There is a timeline throughout as well that shows you shows that have featured LGBT teens and just what year it debuted.

Included in this article is a quote about how they hope more shows will show LGBT teens more like their straight counterparts. Not everyone is bullied or has parents that are upset, as the quote TV needs to show this more.

Overall, it's an interesting article. I liked the look back and even ahead to what people can expect and hope to see on TV.

Did anyone else read this already? Share your thoughts! Even if you haven't...we'd still love to know what you think about LGBT teens on TV now and even in the past!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday: Shine by Lauren Myracle

Shine by Lauren Myracle

Out: May 1, 2011


When her best guy friend falls victim to a vicious hate crime, sixteen-year-old Cat sets out to discover who in her small town did it. Richly atmospheric, this daring mystery mines the secrets of a tightly knit Southern community and examines the strength of will it takes to go against everyone you know in the name of justice.

Against a backdrop of poverty, clannishness, drugs, and intolerance, Myracle has crafted a harrowing coming-of-age tale couched in a deeply intelligent mystery. Smart, fearless, and compassionate, this is an unforgettable work from a beloved author.

Why I Want This:

In case it's not obvious by the summary, the victim of the hate crime was gay. Of course, this is Let's Get Beyond maybe I didn't have to tell you that. At any rate, now you know! I think this sounds like an intense read but it's a powerful and important topic. I'm really glad there are YA books that deal with it and I commend Lauren Myracle on taking a shot and trying to tacke the subject. I've even read a few good reviews of this book already, so that makes me even more excited.
What are you waiting on this week? Any LGBT books?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Importance of an LGBT Book Award

The Stonewall Children's and Young Adult Literature Award has been granted for 2011. The winner is Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher. For more information on the book and the four honor books for this award are as follows-

“Almost Perfect,” written by Brian Katcher, published by Delacorte Press, an imprint of Random House Children’s Books, a division of Random House, Inc. is the winner of the 2011 Stonewall Children’s and Young Adult Literature Award. The award is given annually to English-language children’s and young adult books of exceptional merit relating to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered experience.

Four honor books were selected: “will grayson, will grayson,” written by John Green and David Levithan and published by Dutton Books, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.; “Love Drugged,” written by James Klise and published by Flux, an imprint of Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd.; “Freaks and Revelations,” written by Davida Willis Hurwin and published by Little, Brown and Company, a division of Hachette Book Group, Inc.; and “The Boy in the Dress,” written by David Walliams, illustrated by Quentin Blake and published by Penguin Young Readers Group.

Taken from here.

I think it's amazing that an award like this is out there. LGBT fiction should be acknowledged and I must congratulate Mr. Katcher on his win, as well as the other books honored. I'm afraid I haven't read Almost Perfect yet but I do own it and plan to very soon. I have read Will Grayson, Will Grayson and Love Drugged though and would recommend them.

This is the type of award that I would be honored to win. No, I'm not a published author...but I hope to be at some point and I'd love my current manuscript to be the one that gets me there. And if it is, it would be considered an LGBT novel. I suppose it's just something I'll have to strive's hoping!

For now, what are your thoughts on the Stonewall award, winners, and honors? Any LGBT books from 2010 you wish were honored as well?


(don't forget to enter the huge prize pack giveaway! Entries can be found for a variety of things, and it's not that, you might just win some awesome LGBT books, Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, and some cool stationary. Don't miss out!)

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Huge Prize Pack Giveaway + Book Tour

David Inside Out Blog Tour!

The blog tour starts today and it will go for two weeks.

Monday, January 17th to Friday, January 28th

At each stop, the blogger will have a letter posted to a favorite author. This relates to DIO because David and his best friend Eddie write letters to their favorite romance authors. The authors on this tour don't have to be romance though...

You definitely want to follow along with this tour though because there is a fun PRIZE PACK to win.

So here are the details. To enter this giveaway, you have to come back on comment on this post with your entry numbers so we don't miss anything.

You get ONE POINT for each letter you leave a comment for

You get TWO POINTS for each blog on the tour you follow (and Let's Get Beyond Tolerance follow!)

You get THREE POINTS if you post a letter to a favorite author on your own blog and link back to this post. Please try and post the summary to David Inside Out as well, or link to where people can buy the book.

Please leave different comments for each point. So two comments if you follow a blog, etc.

Now, here are the blog stops and the day they will be posting their letters:

I really wanted every day filled, but I'm afraid some blogs we asked were unable to help...which is why you all get three points for posting your own letters. We want to spread the word more about DIO and also celebrate the author love, so please think about doing everything you can to enter this giveaway!

PRIZE PACK (Open to U.S./Canada)- ENDS February 4th!

Signed copy of David Inside Out by Lee Bantle (donated by the author)

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Fun stationary/card set and postage stamps (donated by Cecilia from The Epic Rat)

Hardback copy of Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins (donated by Shannon)

Thank you to all the blogs on the tour, as well as the ones that donated a prize...and Lizzy because she donated without even being on the tour so feel free to follow her as well!

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blog Hop/Giveaway Details - Starts Tomorrow

David Inside Out Blog Hop

David Inside Out by Lee Bantle is the main premise of this blog hop. However, we wanted to make it fun and more interesting than some of the other "tours" that are just interviews and the like.

This one, instead, will have each stop of the tour posting a letter to one of their favorite authors. What does that have to do with DIO? Well, in the book, David and his best friend, Eddie, do the same thing...except their favorite authors are all romance writers and they actually mail them.

We aren't mailing ours, but they will be posted on the various blogs for you all to read and enjoy and at the same entered to win a fun prize pack!

Everyone gets ONE point for EACH different letter they comment on. Plus, they get TWO points for EACH different blog they follow...if you already follow, that counts too. This blog (Let's Get Beyond Tolerance) counts be sure to follow along for some extra points.

The tour starts tomorrow, which is when I will post the full Prize Pack, re-post details on how to enter, and I'll even post the blog host's link so you know where to go and when.

I wanted to have the full time filled up...but I'm afraid that didn't work out. So there will be random days where nobody is posting anything. HOWEVER, I thought it would be fun to have people entering the giveaway to post their own letters to an author if they happen to have blog.

If you do post your own letter, link back to THIS blog, and post the summary of David Inside Out (all in the same post) you will get THREE more points. This only counts for one blog you own and one letter you post, so don't post more than one.

Again, these details will be up tomorrow. I just wanted to let you know so you can start planning your letter or get ready to start HOPPING!


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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Catherine Ryan Hyde Challenge- January

Welcome to the Catherine Ryan Hyde Challenge. I apologize for the linky closing on those who have signed up for this challenge. However, that's okay...this blog will be the main area from now on. Therefore, if you signed up, feel free to put a "I'm in" in the comment section just for good measure.

ALSO-If you review a Catherine Ryan Hyde book this month, please leave a comment with a direct link. I will try and update this page or a new one with all of the links for people to view.

Thanks again and please spread the word. People can keep entering and if we get more additions to the challenge, we might have some more giveaways this year!