Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Relationship Status by K.A. Mitchell

Relationship Status by K.A. Mitchell

Review by Lauren

source: copy from Netgalley; all opinions are my own

Official Summary: Ethan knows firsthand that long distance is hard on love. If Wyatt is spending his summer at an internship in Pittsburgh, that's where Ethan will be. Even if it means inventing his own career goal just to find a reason to stay with his boyfriend. He didn't expect they'd be living in a hot, crappy apartment, with work schedules that keep them apart more than together. 

Wyatt's past has taught him to keep his head down and focus on living through the day. Loving Ethan has him looking to the future for the first time; he's just not in as big of a rush to get there. It's hard to trust in happiness when life has been busy kicking you in the nuts. 
Together they're getting the hang of real life, when a new responsibility for Wyatt throws everything off balance. Ethan's doing everything he can to prove he's in this forever, while Wyatt is torn between a future with Ethan and a debt to the past. Too bad they didn't cover this in college.

Review: This is the third and final book in the Ethan and Wyatt series. What I love about this series is that each book follows the same couple; normally with m/m authors, the books in a series are just companion novels. Each book has a different couple. Relationship Status has developed couple Ethan and Wyatt living together for the first time while they both do summer internships. 

Wyatt got his first, and not wanting to be left behind, Ethan found something too. Again, since we've been following the same couple, this book isn't about them falling in love. They're already there and this is the continuation of their story, which I love. It shows the highs and lows of being with someone, learning to deal with their problems and successes. 

Relationship Status isn't terribly long - more like a novella than anything - so I finished it one evening. I thought the physical affection was balanced well with the narrative, so it's not just a book full of sex. There is a story line, with ups and downs, and that's always appreciated! While not my favorite series ever, I do think these are good books and I'd recommend them to anyone interested! 


Verushka said...

Aw I'm so glad this ended well for you!

JezzebellJC said...

That's an interesting one to follow a current relationship. I like that it shows the highs and lows that real relationships go through. So glad you enjoyed it!

Lisa Mandina said...

I like series like that where you get to know what happens in the characters lives even after they fall in love. Great review, and glad you enjoyed them!

Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity said...

I am always a little disappointed when the couple from a book in a romance series fade to the background because the sequels are actually companion novels and direct sequels. I often like the new couples, but always wish I could have more on the original couple. So it's great that this series followed the same couple the whole way through.

So many romance books focus on the drama of falling in love, and at the end they get together. I actually like it when books focus on what happens AFTER that initial get together because if anything the relationship is only going to get better, and the connection get deeper.

I'm glad you liked this series, Lauren! It sounds like a nice read. :)

Kit @ Metaphors and Moonlight said...

I didn't realize that most m/m contemporaries followed different couples in each book. I guess it's more normal to follow the same characters in SFF. Even so, there aren't a lot of series that really get into the settled, more long-term relationship aspect. That's great that this one followed the same ones since I love getting to see how relationships actually progress!