Sunday, July 9, 2017

Favorite Things Giveaway + More

This is only open to those in the U.S., I'm afraid, but if you are interested in entering my Favorite Things Giveaway (or hosting your own) please go here.


Also, if you or someone you know has written a YA manuscript, you can try entering this crowd-sourcing competition to get it published!


I've been reading a lot of LGBT+ books but I need to get reviews written and scheduled out, so that sort of explains the lack of posts recently! I've just mostly been behind on things in general, so I apologize for that, but I'm still visiting, and thanks for all the comments!

1 comment:

Lola said...

That sounds like a fun theme for a giveaway. I am not entering because I live in the US, but those peanut butter cups and quest bars both sounds good!

I hope you can find some time to get those reviews written and scheduled.