Monday, August 1, 2016

Three Truths and a Lie by Brent Hartinger

Three Truths and a Lie by Brent Hartinger

Review by Lauren

source: copy for review; all opinions are my own

Official SummaryA weekend retreat in the woods and an innocent game of three truths and a lie go horribly wrong in this high-octane psychological thriller filled with romantic suspense by a Lambda Award–winning author.

Deep in the forest, four friends gather for a weekend of fun. 

Truth #1: Rob is thrilled about the weekend trip. It’s the perfect time for him to break out of his shell…to be the person he really, really wants to be. 

Truth #2: Liam, Rob’s boyfriend, is nothing short of perfect. He’s everything Rob could have wanted. They’re perfect together. Perfect. 

Truth #3: Mia has been Liam’s best friend for years…long before Rob came along. They get each other in a way Rob could never, will never, understand. 

Truth #4: Galen, Mia’s boyfriend, is sweet, handsome, and incredibly charming. He’s the definition of a Golden Boy…even with the secrets up his sleeve. 

One of these truths is a lie…and not everyone will live to find out which one it is.

Review: I've read almost all of Brent Hartinger's novels and this one is definitely a favorite of mine! First off, I'm excited that a book with prominent gay characters is being pushed so heavily by a major publisher. Times are changing, and to show we appreciate it, we have to buy these books. Order a copy, ask your library for a copy, tell people about the book.

Anyway, back to the actual story! This is told from Rob's point of view. He is staying in a cabin over the weekend with his boyfriend Liam, Liam's best friend Mia, and Mia's boyfriend Galen. It's supposed to be a nice time to hang out and get to know each other better. Unfortunately, things aren't that easy. First, there satellite phone goes missing and this is their only way to call for help if they need, since nobody's cell phone gets a signal. Then there's a mysterious fire, and on and on.

I was never sure what was happening. Is someone else staying in a cabin near them, playing tricks or is it something more deadly? What about the four people in the cabin? Can any of them be trusted? But why would they mess with their boyfriend/girlfriend/friend?

I would recommend just reading the book and getting lost in the story. Don't worry so much about the answers, because sometimes mysteries are better that way. You allow yourself to be taken by surprise and to enjoy the reveals. Of course, if you do want to read close and try and guess, be my guest! I hope the experience is still enjoyable for you!

Definitely another good read from Hartinger; it's perfect to read now if you don't like "spooky" stories in the fall, but you could always buy now and save for an October night too!


Verushka said...

Oh my, this sounds DELICIOUS. So many secrets and so many lies and I want to know the truuutttth! Great review!

Lisa Mandina said...

This was one that I really thought sounded good. Your review just makes me want to read it more!

Lola said...

That's how I usually read mysteries, just go along with the story and be surprised. Although I do often have some suspects or guesses. It sure sounds like a good and spooky read!

Karen said...

Ooh this sounds really good. I love a good mystery. Great review, you got me thinking I need to add this to my TBR.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Your review just makes me want to read it more Sakura Beauty

Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity said...

I am so super excited to read this book! I LOVE mystery/thrillers, and the fact that this one is LGBTQIA+ has me incredibly keen for it. It sounds like the mystery element of this book is done really well, and that is something I definitely need to really settle in and love a mystery/thriller novel. I also like the sound of the creepy forest setting, because being saved is not an option - especially if their phone goes missing.

I'm definitely going to read this one, and will see if I can persuade my library to order in a copy :D Lovely review, Lauren!