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Real World by B.A. Tortuga

Real World by B.A. Tortuga

Review by Lauren

source: copy from Dreamspinner Press; all opinions are my own

Official SummaryDan White is trying to acclimate to civilian life after a long career in the military with multiple combat deployments.

Now he’s home in the Austin area, living with his brother Dixon, Dixon’s husband, Audie, and their two nine-year-olds. During the New Year celebration, Dan meets Abraham Weldon, and the connection is instant.

There’s a kiss. There’s a dance. There’s a proposition.

Then Dan finds out Weldon is bisexual.

And a dad.

With five kids. Five kids, one of whom is a blind fifteen-year-old.

Weldon has been in love twice in his life—with his high school best friend, Blake, and with his wife, Krista, who he met in a Dairy Queen as she was crying over a positive pregnancy test. Love number three hits Weldon like a hammer when he meets Dan.

But since Dan isn’t interested in a guy with kids, they might only get one night together.


Apparently, this is the second book, but it's a companion novel so it doesn't matter. I'm just pointing it out in case you DO want to start with the first book and then read this one. Real World is one that stands on its own though. I will say that it was difficult to follow the cast of characters at first, but once I got the hand of who everyone was, things went smoother. I'll share the main cast of characters later in this review to help you out before you jump into this one.

The basic story of Real World is about Dan who has just left the army and gone back to Texas. He's currently staying with his brother, Dixon, and his husband, Audie, as well as their children. The beginning of the book has Dan watching his brother perform at a bar and that's where he meets a friend of Audie's, whose name is Weldon (well, that's his last name, but most people call him Weldon). The two of them have a night together and while it goes well, Dan made it clear beforehand that he wasn't looking for a guy with kids...and Weldon has five.

Of course, this wouldn't be much of a romance if Dan didn't at least give Weldon a chance, right? It takes a bit of time, but eventually he tries his hand at romancing Weldon and even getting to know - and love - all of the children. I liked that it didn't immediately work for Dan. He's not someone who ever saw himself with kids, so it's understandable that he wouldn't want to jump into a relationship with a guy who has five. It's not always easy for either Dan and Weldon, but they work at it.

There are some of other side stories in the novel as well, but I won't go into it. I don't want to give all of the book away. In general though, I enjoyed this one. It felt a bit long at times, but I appreciated the realistic nature of the story and I really did fall in love with all the children!

Cast of Characters:

Dixon and Randi - father and daugther
Audie and Grainger - father and son
Dixon and Audie are married

Dan is Dixon's brother
Dan falls in love with Weldon
Weldon has five kids from a previous marriage to a woman - Weldon's bisexual
Jakob is the oldest, then Maddie, then Emma, then Kenzie, then Caleb (I'm pretty sure that is the order -Jakob is 16 and Caleb is 3, then 4 during the course of the novel)


Verushka said...

This sounds like it's all sorts of adorable! And so many kids mean lots of possibilities of mischief lol Maybe? :)

Lisa Mandina said...

Definitely an interesting story it sounds like! Glad that you enjoyed it. Kids do always add a different aspect to a romance story.

Lola said...

I usually prefer to read a series in order, but with companion novels it is less necessary than with books that follow on each other. That's interesting the romance didn't work immediately and they had to work for it and slowly get to know each other.

Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity said...

It is always a bit confusing when you start to read a book only to find out that it's a companion! That's only happened to me once, and I ended up really loving the book, even though I didn't know the details of what had happened in the first book.

I have to say that I love the fact that Weldon is bi. In m/m I feel that far too often bisexuality is erased, so A+ to the author for not doing that!

I also like the sound of the story, and how it wasn't perfect, but Dan eventually came around and was willing to give Weldon a try. I think that sounds super realistic, and lovely.

I'm glad you liked this one, Lauren! And lovely review <3