Sunday, April 17, 2016

Starting Blog Tours for LGBT+ Books: Sign Up Here

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I'm planning on doing blog tours for LGBT+ books. I think there are so many titles out there that deserve more love and I would be really excited if you would be willing to help me out. How do you do that?

Well, let me know if you are willing to host these authors by leaving a comment and giving me your email. Of course, you are never obligated to host a book, but once I start working with authors, you'll get emails about them and their novel and what they are offering - reviews, guest posts, etc. If you are interested, you would then email me back. Easy! I'm making up a 'master list' of sorts right now with bloggers that are interested in helping out!

If you are willing to be added to the list or not, please spread the word if you can. Tweet it out, facebook it, mention it next Sunday on your wrap-up post, whatever! The more bloggers, the better, especially because not every blog will want to help with every novel.




Lisa Mandina said...

I would be interested in any YA titles probably. My email is

Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity said...

This is such an awesome idea, Lauren! I have shared the post on Twitter, and I really hope you get some authors interested in touring with you :D

I'd absolutely love to be a blog tour host. I don't usually do blog tours, but I want to support LGBTQIA+ books as much as I can. My email is on my blog, so feel free to email me when your service starts up, and I'll be sure to reply if I'm interested in the book you're hosting!

Good luck :D

Anonymous said...

I am definitely interested! I try to promote LGBT+ books as much as possible on my blog anyway, sooo :) My e-mail is carola[at]brilliantyears[dot]net