Sunday, January 3, 2016

Music to Start the Year: "Young Love" by Eli Lieb

Happy New Year, everyone! I wanted to share "Young Love" by Eli Lieb with you all today. I feel like this is a nice new year song. It's all about living life and falling in love.

Watch the video:

Thank you so much for following the blog and leaving your thoughts in 2015! I hope 2016 will be even better and I can continue to grow and expand the blog.




Alyssa said...

Happy New Year! I hope you have a wonderful start to 2016. :)

Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

Piecraft Bucharest said...

Happy New Year, Lauren! What a super pice of music :)

Unknown said...

Happy 2016!!

JezzebellJC said...

I haven't heard this one and I love it! Thanks so much for sharing :D

Cyn @ Bookmunchies said...

This is a nice song (: Thanks for sharing and happy 2016!

Trish @ Between My Lines said...

Happy New Year! That's a real feel good song :)