Friday, November 20, 2015

Musical Choice: Chely Wright's "Shut Up and Drive"

Chely Wright had a big country career in the nineties, which is when this song is from. She came out many years later, which is fantastic, but country music doesn't seem like the most accepting place. I know this isn't true of everyone, but I don't know of any super successful out country stars. I do hope this changes! I commend Chely for being open and honest with herself and her fans though!

Do you find country music accepting of those that are LGBT+? Do you listen to country music? Have you heard of Chely Wright?

Share your thoughts below!

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Karen said...

I had no idea this artist came out. I guess it wouldn't be popular in Country music, but look at where that music is the MOST popular, those states aren't too big on change (and still wave the rebel flag). Ugh!