Monday, November 16, 2015

American Girl Magazine Features Two Dads - Causes Upset

do not own- from the American Girl issue
I came across this article last week about the November/December issue of American Girl magazine. Apparently the group One Million Moms is really upset about the article on foster care included...because they included the family you see in the picture above, where there are two fathers instead of a mother and a father.

These moms do not believe this should be included in a magazine for children and the article I read is highly against One Million Moms. Regardless of the tone of that article, I do agree that this is a horrible thing to be upset about and I do commend American Girl magazine for using their platform to show various types of families. People that foster and adopt kids (for the right reasons) are amazing - gay, straight, it doesn't matter. We need people in the world like them. We need people to help those children.

You can read the One Million Mom's post here if you wish. They talk about American Girl magazine "promoting sin" and they even write that One Million Mom's "encourages you to avoid shopping at American Girl until it takes a neutral stand. If you receive their magazine in the mail, 1MM recommends you unsubscribe and even cancel the shopping catalogue. Be sure to tell them why you are unsubscribing and cancelling."

Honestly, this makes me want to shop at American Girl. I loved those books and I even received a Samantha doll when I was younger. These stories give girl's positive representation of women - all different colors, all different backgrounds. If you believe in what American Girl is doing (and you think it's perfectly fine to show two dads in their magazine) then please spread the word and get other like-minded people to help support American Girl. I don't think this controversy will hurt their sales in a drastic manner, but you never know. It's good to show you stand by people who stick up for equal rights. When you can of course.

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Heather @ Random Redheaded Ramblings said...

Families come in so many different varieties, whether there is two dads, two mums, one dad and one mum, one mum or one dad.

The kids in the picture look so happy and their parents are obviously doing an amazing job!

Unknown said...

These people who are complaining should get over themselves. This is one of the reasons why the world is such a mess. It's because of these people who are so disrespectful and intolerant! It doesn't matter if it's a homo/heteresexual parents, what's important is that they're providing well for their children and have the capability to raise DECENT AND CONSCIENTIOUS HUMAN BEINGS. Something the world is sorely lacking these days

Karen said...

Wow! What nerve One Million Moms has to try to define family for everyone! I wonder how many children they foster/adopt.
That really makes me sick. I commend American Girl for promoting adoption. Those kids look so happy to be on the cover of a magazine.

Lola said...

I think it's great that magazine showed a picture with two dad, it's good to spread the word about different types of families. And indeed everyone who fosters or adopts kids for the right reasons is great, no matter if they are gay or straight. And it's a shame One Million Moms got angry about it and even recommend people to unsubscribe fromt he magazine.
And like heather said they family looks really happy in that picture, looks like they are doing a great job!

Verushka said...

This made me think of the Barbie ad with the boy in it? Have you seen it?