Friday, October 23, 2015

Let's Discuss: The Future of This Blog


Today I want to discuss the blog and what you want to see more of on here! I was hoping to keep up with some of the features such as Musical Mondays and Etsy Pride, but instead of doing this every week and overwhelming you, I thought each feature could be done around twice a month - probably varying weeks.

I'd really like to do more discussion posts, but I tend to get inspired by things I come across at random and that doesn't leave me much time to write a post and schedule it (as I like to do!). So, this is where you come in - what types of topics would you like to discuss?

Apart from discussion posts, what else do you want to see on this blog? I want this to be a place where people can learn as well as enjoy themselves. I want more people to hopefully comment and take part in conversation, but if you're reading, that's enough too!

Thanks to everyone who has supported this blog in whatever way - reading, commenting, etc. It's sometimes difficult to keep up with two blogs, but I think it's worth it and I'd love more ideas of what to post about. This is for all of you too!


Trish @ Between My Lines said...

I think just doing the things on your blog that you enjoy writing about is the way to go! When a blogger is happy and passionate about their topics, that shows and that enthusiasm is infectious. That's what I think anyway for what its worth! So I'd just post topics like your Etsy pride as often as you want :D

Verushka said...

I love your book and music recs (and can gush over your Etsy posts too) and would like to see more of those. Awhile ago you posted about the reactions homophobic fans were having to a new Star Wars book -- news like that was interesting to me from a book blogger POV. I think Trish has a point to -- it comes down to what makes you happy.

Piecraft Bucharest said...

I"m always keen to find out what's going on - not gossip, but actual news. I think the world is moving so fast nowadays it's quite impossible to stay abreast of every single relevant thing!

Lola said...

Maybe incorporate some of your other hobbies in your blog? I think it's important to write about things were you are interested in or pasisonate about.
For discussion topics, it might help to not do them for a whole month, so you can schedule them ahead starting the next month. If you want to do a post every week I would say go for it, if people don't like that type of post they can decide not to visit. Like Trish said blog what makes you happy.

Heather @ Random Redheaded Ramblings said...

I just like learning about people and what they love especially people who live outside the UK. If you are passionate about anything, blog about it, whether it is a book, news or a recipe! Look forward to seeing what you come up with!