Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sound Proof by C.A. Blocke

Sound Proof by C.A. Blocke

Review by Lauren

source: copy from Netgalley; all opinions are my own

Official SummaryWhen Chris is unceremoniously dumped by his longtime girlfriend, his best friend Thomas picks up the pieces and remind there's more to life than his lost relationship. In the process of letting go of a relationship that wasn't what he thought, Chris slowly comes to realize that everything he's ever wanted may have been right beneath his nose the whole time…

Review: First off, this isn't a gay for you novel, so you're worried about that, don't be. Chris is actually bisexual and he's hooked up with his best friend Thomas years before when they first met. However, when he's dumped by his longtime girlfriend, feelings start to come up between the two again. I didn't hate this one but it definitely wasn't my favorite book. I could say things moved quick, but with their history, it wasn't too bad. I suppose the book is more of a novella than a full-length novel too, so that aspect didn't really help things feel realistic either. I did find Thomas' main job interesting - he does voice over, so that includes anime and audio books and reading a bit about that was cool. I'm not really sure what I'd rate this one, if I was going to rate it, but let's just say it was more of a miss than a hit for me.

If you're interested, though, you can check it out on Amazon. I get a small percent of any sale, as I'm an affiliate.


Joyousreads said...

Oh, that's too bad. His job does sound cool. :D But sorry it was a miss. Maybe it's the length of the novel that has you feeling a little let down?

Verushka said...

That's a very simple but promising blurb. It sucks it didn't work :(

Lola said...

Too bad this one was a bit of a miss for you. Sometimes with novella length books things move a bit too quickly, although usually when the characters have a background like what's the case here, it is a bit more believable at least. Thomas' job does sound interesting!

Lisa Mandina said...

Too bad it was a miss. Sometimes novellas work that way for me as well because I'm left wanting more because they didn't really put it all in the story. Great review though!