Thursday, June 16, 2016

Other Bloggers Talk about Orlando

I wrote some of my own thoughts on the Orlando, FL shootings the other day. I'm not the only one affected by this horrific tragedy though, so I wanted to share some posts I found on other blogs. If you write something on your blog or see other posts about the tragedy, please do let me know and I can try and post them soon!

* DudeMom shares a post called "Talking to Your Kids About Orlando" which is wonderful, because I know it must be difficult to explain these things to children. Her son even came up with a way to help spread love, not hate, so do check it out!

* Bubby and Bean has a post titled Orlando On My Mind- about how she can't stop thinking about the tragedy that occurred Sunday morning, and how she doesn't think we should. This can't keep happening. We can't forget.

* Angelic Muse's blog post On Coming Out and Reaching Out shares her personal thoughts on the Orlando massacre, but it's also written in the point of view of a bisexual woman who hasn't always felt accepted in the LGBT+ community.

* And finally, Shop Girl Daily wrote a post titled How to Help Victims of the Orlando Shooting which gives you links on where you can donate money to help with funeral costs and other expenses. I know some of you who read this blog aren't from the U.S., so I wanted to explain that Sandy Hook (mentioned in this blog post) was an elementary school where a young man came and shot many children and teachers. It was a horrific day in U.S. history, just like the Orlando shootings this past Sunday.


Verushka said...

TY for these links!

Keionda @Keionda Hearts Books said...

Thank you for sharing these links! :( I can't imagine what the families of the victims are going through right now! My heart goes out to them! <3

Lisa Mandina said...

Thanks for sharing the links. It is good to read all different perspectives on the tragedy.

Unknown said...

So hard to follow this news. What I want is for the gun laws to be revised. I'm all for the second amendment, but it does NOT make sense for these people who are in the no-fly list, FBI watch list, list of people who are known to be ISIS sympathizers to be able to purchase guns and assault weapons.