Sunday, May 29, 2016

#ReadProud Reading Challenge for Pride Month

In honor of Pride Month (the month of June), author Julia Ember is hosting a really awesome LGBT+ reading challenge! I'm going to do what I can to take part in this throughout the month, so I thought I'd share it here and see if any of you wanted to join in! It might be a good way to find some LGBT+ books. You can go to the blog page to introduce yourself and learn all the rules! I'll share some of the details below:

This is a 4-week challenge. Each week will have 2 categories. You can participate on two levels:
(1) GOLD:  Read two books per week, one from each category, totalling 8. 
(2) SILVER: Read one book from one category a week, totalling 4. 
Successful completers of the challenge will be entered in a prize draw: 
GOLD: $100 Amazon Gift Card (or B&N/Waterstones if preferred!) 
SILVER: $50 Amazon Gift Card (or B&N/Waterstones if preferred!)

1) You must read in the weekly categories to be eligible. However, you do not have to read the suggested books. You may find your own reads in the relevant categories. 
2) You must post your reviews on GoodReads and at least one retailer website. You shoud link these in the comments on the relevant week's post (on this blog). These reviews can be negative or positive. 
3) These reads must be new reviews. This means you can't recycle old reviews or old Arc reviews. You need to post the review in the relevant week. 
4) Post in the comments to introduce yourself and your blog/twitter handle! 

Week 1: May 29-June 5

Category A:  TRANS YA  ** fiction or non-fictional 
Week 2: June 5-12

Category B:  LGBTQ Middle Grade or Younger
Week 3: June 12-19

Week 4: June 19-26

Category A:  GAY YA
Category B: WILDCARD 
Again, please visit Julia's blog for more details. She gives you the book she'll be reading under each week/category as well as other suggestions in case you need help finding something to read for say "Lesbian Speculative" or "Authors of Colour." If you read two books a week - one from each category- you are entered to win $100 gift card, and you are entered to win a $50 gift card if you read one book a week from ONE of the two week's categories. I'm going to try and do both categories a week, but we'll see!

Remember, if you write on Twitter, use the #ReadProud to see all the other posts/updates! 


Lola said...

Good luck with this challenge I hope you'll have fun and get some good books read!

Lisa Mandina said...

I love this idea, but I know I have no time to add another challenge. However, I'd love to add this to my challenges for 2017 right now, so that I know I'll do it!