Monday, July 27, 2015

Rainbow Boxes: Why Everyone Needs LGBT + Books

I originally read this on the blog The Compulsive Reader, so check out her blog as a thank you!

However, the idea behind Rainbow Boxes came from YA authors Cori McCarthy and Amy Rose Capetta. As taken from their Indiegogo page:

  • Our ultimate goal is to send one Rainbow Box containing 15 carefully selected books to one community library and one GSA or LGBTQIA homeless shelter in every state in the United States.
  • We want these books to reach teenagers who need to see themselves in stories. We also want to push back against the notion that these stories hold no interest outside of the LGBTQIA community. Inclusive fiction is for everyone!
  • By buying from our local indie, we will be fully supporting authors and encouraging publishers to provide a range of LGBTQIA stories in the future. 
I think this is a fantastic and worthy cause. It's important to get these books in front of the right audience. If you would like to donate, please visit this page and give what you can. That link will also give you more details about the project, as well as what 15 books have been selected to go in the boxes. I think they have some great titles on there!

What do you think about this project? Will you donate?

Please spread the word, and definitely watch the above video. It's very well done and sends a powerful message.

-Lauren Becker

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Lindy Gomez said...

Great idea! I love it! Will check it out! Thanks for sharing :)

Lindy@ A Bookish Escape