Thursday, July 9, 2015

Discuss It: Little Big Town's Girl Crush

Earlier this week, I shared a cover version of "Girl Crush" by an out artist, but today, I wanted to discuss the actual song/lyrics by Little Big Town.

If you haven't heard their version, check out the video below:

When this song was first released as a single, there was a lot of controversy in the country music world. People didn't really listen to the lyrics, I assume, and thought it was about a same-sex crush. Now, there is nothing wrong with that, and if it was about an actual girl crush, that would be awesome too. However, just hearing a song like this was enough to ignite anger in people and that's awful, in my opinion. It means there are a lot of people that would boycott a song because they think it's about a same-sex relationship.

Check out this article on ABC News that talks a bit more about the controversy and people complaining to radio stations.

Like I said above, if this song was actually about a lesbian relationship, I would be completely fine with that. I know not everyone would be though, and again, that's fine, but I still think it's wrong to want to ban or not play a song because of that attitude.

As for the actual song "Girl Crush", it's about a girl who wants to be the girl her ex is currently in love with. Some lyrics-

I want to taste her lips
Yeah, 'cause they taste like you
I want to drown myself
In a bottle of her perfume
I want her long blonde hair
I want her magic touch
Yeah, 'cause maybe then
You'd want me just as much
I got a girl crush
I got a girl crush
I think it's pretty obvious from the above lyrics what the singer means. She wants to be the girl so she can have the guy. It's all a matter of paying attention to lyrics and not being upset by certain lyrics or phrases. 
"Girl Crush" is an interesting song for sure, and I think it does make people stop and think. Is this something that is going to upset you? And do you like it more because it can be seen in another light? Listening to Kristen Merlin's cover of it definitely makes me think of it differently, and I love that. I think it's great to have songs that can be a bit ambiguous and allow all types of people to relate to them. At the same time, people have to allow this. Whether the song was a same-sex crush or not, people should learn to listen to all types of music. After all, girls listen to guys singing about girls and vice versa. Where's the outcry there?

What do you think? Discuss it!

-Lauren Becker

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Lindy Gomez said...

There are a lot more provocative songs out there than girl crush. It's pretty sad that there are so many intolerant people. It shouldn't matter if the son is about a girl to another girl, or about a girl wanting to be the person her ex is falling in love with. Great Post Lauren :)

Lindy@ A Bookish Escape