Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Look At: Coins in the Coffee Cup

This isn't quite a Waiting on Wednesday post as the book has already been released. However, it came out on July 14th, so not too long ago.

Coins in the Coffee Cup by Ambriehl Khalil - check it out on Goodreads

Official Summary: Harrison Healy is a seventeen-year-old boy with a side of depression. Not a seventeen-year-old boy with depression. With his parents dead, his sister gone and a best friend who committed suicide from an overwhelming flood of sadness - he’s doing okay. Now, he’s just stuck with two people who can’t stand the sight of him and five friends who try to make his life a little better. 

While stumping through his every day average-depressed-gay-kid-teen-life in his final senior year, he discovers EVAN, a bright-eyed, bright smiled senior who is trapped in the world around him. 

Over the course of his final school year, Harry experiences his first love, his first kiss; he finds the stars, loses his mind, very nearly loses himself along the way. He finds out horrific news, he sees what can’t be unseen and he is faced with the challenge of trying to find a way to be okay. 

Harrison deals with the loss of everyone he has loved. As he tries to get out of his head and into the real world, he attempts to participate in life instead of watching it fly by.

What do you think? Is this something that you would be curious to read? Share your thoughts below!

-Lauren Becker 

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Lindy Gomez said...

This sounds like a good story! Poor guy! I can see why he's depressed, by reading the first paragraph of the book summary. Thanks for sharing :)

Lindy@ A Bookish Escape