Monday, March 28, 2016

Discuss: Would You Do a Read-Along of an LGBT Novel?

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I have had this idea for awhile now, so I thought I would throw it out there and see what the rest of you thought!

Would you be interested in doing a read-along of an LGBT novel?

I would allow people to make suggestions and then we'll narrow it down (probably by a vote) to the top two or three choices that people want to read. From there, we will have the book to read! The read-along won't be until around June (at the earliest) as I would like to read the book before hand, so I can break down the weekly or bi-weekly readings as well as come up with discussion questions and the like!

So...question time!

1. Would you want to do a read-along, if the book chosen interests you?

2. Would you want the discussion to be weekly or bi-weekly? (this means you either get one week to read to a certain point, or two weeks - how long the read-along is overall depends on the size of the novel).

That's about it! People can suggest MG titles, YA titles, Adult titles. It doesn't matter. If you've read the book before but want to discuss it with others, feel free to suggest. Again, it doesn't matter. The idea is to come up with a book that people will be excited to read and then discuss on here!

Give me your ideas! Spread the word to get other people's ideas!

Answer the two questions in the comments, and if your answer is yes, then suggest book ideas!



Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity said...

I would definitely do a read-a-long of an LGBTQIA+ book! :D I wouldn't really mind if it was a book I had read or not, because discussing things is fun whether it's new to me or not.

As for whether the discussions would be weekly or bi-weekly doesn't really matter much. I'd only say weekly because I read pretty quickly, and wouldn't want to forget anything. But if you posted all the discussion questions beforehand then I could do it however!

The only rec I really have off the top of my head is If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo. It is one of my most anticipated LGBTQIA+ YA novels coming out this year, and I think it would be wonderful to read and spread the word about it :D

Do let me know if this goes ahead, because I'd love to join in.

Lisa Mandina said...

I don't really do read alongs, I just don't have the time and have trouble adding in something else. But I'd love to hear what book you choose, and try to read it when I can, if it is close to the same time, that would be cool to discuss it with you as well!

Lola said...

I don't really do read alongs in general. I am a moodreader and I have tried buddy reads in the past and it just doesn't quite work for me. Sorry!

I do think it's a fun idea to do a LBGT read-along. I hope you can find some people interested in participating!

Micheline said...

Even though I don't do a ton of readalongs, I enjoy them and when I can time them right, I love participating. It's tough for me though when it comes to LGBT since I read almost exclusively fantasy and sci-fi - they don't tend to have as much LGTB variety as contemporaries do. This is a really fun idea though :)