Saturday, September 3, 2016

How to Rock a Two Bride Wedding (Featuring Evian Facial Spray)

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As we head into the fall, you might be thinking that wedding season is over. Hold up! It's just beginning for those couples who believe that fall or winter is the optimal time to exchange vows. For me, I'll be attending weddings in October and December, so I'm happily enjoying anything and everything wedding. While none of my LGBT+ friends are getting married, that doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of weddings that will occur in the coming months where the couple is two grooms or two brides!

Today, I want to focus on the two brides! When people think of weddings, we tend to focus on the bride. It makes sense! They often get the big dress, they plan out most of the small details, and they are generally the one's most excited about the big day. So what happens when you get not one but two brides? The stereotype might have you viewing one girl in a dress and one in a tux or suit, but that's not always the case either! Plenty of same-sex female couples both want to wear the dress and go all out on their wedding!

Enter Evian Facial Spray!

With two girls on the scene, it might be a good idea to double up on this excellent facial spray. Lucky for us, you can buy two mini bottles for just $15 on the official website. I was sent one of these 1.7 oz facial sprays to test out and I fell immediately in love. Just spritz a little of this on your person and feel immediately re-hydrated and refreshed!

What makes this a wonderful tool to have on hand for your dual brides is that is helps with different things. Maybe you have two brides that are decked out in makeup, or maybe you just have one, but this spray "helps improve the performance of all color cosmetics" (source). This is the perfect thing to have on hand for the bride with the makeup, but even if one or neither wear it, this spray will also help make skin look more healthy and refreshed and that's something that anyone could use on their wedding day! Whether the wedding is inside or out, the brides are bound to get hot or feel flushed from nerves, and this spray would be the perfect tool to have on hand to help combat this! 

Furthermore, because you can buy these sprays in small bottles, they are easy to stash in someone's purse or bag so they are on hand when needed! Trying this spray myself, it says to spray your skin and let sit for a minute before patting dry. It really did make me feel refreshed and seemed to brighten up how I felt. I would definitely want to have this on hand for a big event, where I was bound to get nervous. This is one spray that I'll carry with me and I do suggest grabbing a bottle if you are going to be in or attending a wedding soon! This would make the perfect gift! 

*I was sent a bottle of the Evian Facial Spray in order to share this sponsored post; all opinions are my own*


Heather @ Random Redheaded Ramblings said...

I am so glad I saw this, I'm going on a long haul flight soon and I was thinking about buying one to keep me looking alive! I love the brides on the back of the pick up, such a beautiful pic!

Lola said...

I didn't knew evian had other products as well. I only know them from the water. I had an evian water bottle I reused for a long time as it was a good size.