Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hosting LGBT+ Book Blog Tours: Get In Touch

Hello everyone!!

I've been tweeting about this for a bit now but I know not all of you are on there, or even follow me (though if you want too - @shootingstarmag), so I thought I'd share this in a more prominent post here.

There a lot of blog tour companies out there, and I think it's great. Authors and books need more love and a bit more push sometimes with so many titles coming out all the time. However, I am starting a blog tour company that focuses solely on LGBT+ books. These won't all be YA titles, and they won't all be Adult titles. I like to read a mix of LGBT+ books, so I want to do more of what I can to spread the word.

However, I need blogger help! Through Twitter, I've had a lot of people say they would wish to help, but I could always use more, especially before I start really spreading the word to authors. If you are interested, I just need your email. That's it! You will get emails once I start working with authors. These emails will include details on the book and author and what we're looking for - reviews, guest posts, social media help, etc. If you are interested in the book and helping out, you will just write me back and let me know what you want to do!

That's it! Simple enough, right? So yes, please do let me know if you wish to be included on my blogger list. Also, I'd love it if you could spread the word to your fellow readers in case they want to help out!

Oh, and if any authors are reading this: get in touch if you have a future LGBT+ title that could use some help! I can't promise to work with every author, but I will do my best! If you have contacts with authors, feel free to pass this along too.


p.s. Yes, I posted this on my blog ShootingStarsMag first, in case you saw it there!


Verushka Byrow said...

Oh my gosh, there's your twitter! I've been looking for that! I"d love to help if I can -- you have my email right?

Talk Supe said...

I can do promo posts on FB and I'll share as often as I can :)

Lisa Mandina said...

I can do promo posts when I can fit them in! Would love to be a part of this! LisaLovesLiterature at yahoo dot com.