Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Transgender Prom Queen

Thanks to The Happy Nappy Bookseller for letting me know about the first transgender Prom Queen at a public school in the U.S.

Her name is Andii (formerly Andrew) and she was up against 14 girls to win. Wow, what a wonderful accomplishment!! It's great that something like this can actually happen these days. It's great that Andii's personal dream of becoming Prom Queen came true, despite the gender she was born as. To her, she's a female and that means she would not run for Prom King.

Another thing I read in the article that was exciting is that not only is Andii in the school's Gay Straight Alliance, but so is Juan, the Prom King. Isn't that wonderful?

It wasn't entirely easy for Andii to run as there were some people fighting to get her name off the ballot. Thankfully, it worked out though.

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Doret said...

Much Congrats to Andii. She looks beautiful and I love how happy they both look.

I was very surprised (in a good way) that this happened at H.S. in the South.

Have you read Beauty Queens yet?

Kat said...

Very cool. Their smiles are so beautiful.
We actually had a gay Prom *Queen* at my school in my freshman year. Miss that girl so much-- she was a high school Queen Bee, but only in the sense that everyone liked her and she was nice to everyone-- even a lame freshman like me. :)

I think Southern schools (like mine) are starting to come around to acceptance and GSAs and what-not, though the South in general is way behind the rest of the world.