Sunday, June 19, 2011

Leslie Jordan - My Trip Down the Pink Carpet

Leslie Jordan: My Trip Down the Pink Carpet

Review by: Lauren

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My Trip Down the Pink Carpet is a stand-up comedy show with Leslie Jordan. The reason I know Mr. Jordan is through Will and Grace. Though it's probably obvious by now, Leslie Jordan is a gay man who went through a lot to get where he is now. If you've seen Jordan in anything, you should know that he has what people would call the "stereotypical gay voice." You would think this would make it hard to hide, but hide Jordan tried. It didn't last of course.

Jordan tells random stories from his life, starting from a younger age to where he is now. He often gets off track and starts "rambling" about something else...but it obviously works. It makes it fun and intersesting to watch. He's definitely a good comedian and I enjoyed hearing about his life...especially when he mentioned some of the celebrities he has worked with.

I'm not sure if the DVD has a set rating, though I'm sure it doesn't since it's stand-up. I do want to warn you that there is a slightly inappropriate story that is really only suitable for an older audience. Thes rest of it would be more of a typical PG-13 rating.

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