Thursday, May 26, 2011

Want All of Catherine's YA Titles?

Catherine Ryan Hyde has donated all SIX of her YA novels to the TLC Auctions. That means if you bid and you're the get all of them, not just a choice of one or two. ALL OF THEM PEOPLE!

Catherine will have another auction posted soon as well, so you must be following along with the auctions and bidding on the ones you want or can. Bid to give yourself something, to give someone else something, or just to benefit two very deserving people and their families.

Normally, I try and space out posts...but I really want people to know about this, so please please please read the interview before this one. Scott is wonderful and took the time out of his life to answer my questions. It would mean a lot to us both if you left a comment...even if it's a quick one!!

amazon associate: buy the book, we get a small percentage. but think about bidding it forward is in the six titles you could win.


Deborah~TheBookishDame said...

I read Scott's interview. It was interesting to me in terms of his thoughts about a couple of tv series' on YA themes. The one I thought would be most interesting was the Latino boy who finds he doesn't have a card! What a slap in the face that would be!
I'd love to have the Catherine Ryan Hyde Books...Think of me in this. Love to review one or two.
BTW, thanks for your recent visit to my blog. I appreciated your comment. That was a difficult book to review for me.

Doret said...

The first trans Prom Queen

Crossing Lines by Paul Volponi comes out this month and one of the characters is trans.