Monday, July 31, 2017

Barrel Proof by Layla Reyne

Barrel Proof by Layla Reyne

Review by Lauren

source: copy from Netgalley; all opinions are my own

Official Summary (Add on Goodreads): FBI agents Aidan "Irish" Talley and Jameson "Whiskey" Walker can't get a moment's peace. Their hunt for the terrorist Renaud seems to be nearing an end, until a fire allows him to slip through their fingers—and puts Jamie's life in danger. When Jamie is nearly killed, Aidan learns how many forms loss can take. 

Aidan says I love you just moments before learning that Jamie's been keeping a devastating secret about Aidan's late husband. How quickly trust and love can go up in flames. When Aidan requests a solo undercover assignment, Jamie hopes Aidan will find a way to forgive him. 

But the explosions are far from over. Aidan's cover lands him in the heart of the terrorist's conspiracy, and Jamie will have to put his life, his career and his freedom on the line to save the man who has become his entire world. Partners, always is a promise he intends to keep.

Review: Barrel Proof is the third and final book in the Irish and Whiskey series. The first is Single Malt, followed by Cask Strength. When I got Cask Strength for review, I didn't realize there was a book before it, but it was easy to follow and I found myself falling for this FBI duo. Again, I might not have read Single Malt, but the last two in the series - including Barrel Proof- are fantastic. It's full of mystery and suspense, as well as healthy does of betrayal. Obviously not wants to be betrayed, but Barrel Proof shows how some can be forgiven, while others are beyond that.

I like how each book has Aidan's and Jamie's relationship growing and becoming stronger. In Barrel Proof, they are faced with betrayal between the two of them and it tests their relationship. I love when authors have realistic relationships in books. It makes me fall for the characters - and their romance - that much more.

Of course, Barrel Proof (and the rest of the series) is more than just a romance. As I said earlier, there is a lot of mystery and suspense in this one. Lives are on the line. It's action-packed and a quick read. I would definitely recommend these books! 

Barrel Proof comes out next Monday, August 7th. Pre-order it now! 


Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight said...

No one wants to be betrayed, but I like when struggles come from inside the relationship, so a bit of betrayal can work well in a book! Especially if it's written well and realistically. And I love seeing characters' relationships grow and become stronger. I'm glad this was so good!

Verushka said...

What an intriguing series -- I like how you described their realtionship growing better with each book.

Unknown said...

Ok, sounds like a great book but what got my attention is the crafty titles!

Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity said...

I feel like there are more romance books being released that aren't JUST about the romance, and I really like that! I have an FBI romance book on my TBR because it sounds like something I could really enjoy because I love a good mystery/thriller, but I also love my romance :D This series sounds like it could be something I enjoy, as well, especially since I like realistic relationships. Betrayal is something that can be hard to articulate in books because it can seem like the forgiveness is too rushed so I'd be interested to see how it plays out in these ones! Lovely review, Lauren :)

Lisa Mandina said...

Love the titles of these!! I like a series that you can still get into even without having read the first book. Although I like series that continue on, it is nice when that happens too. Great review!