Thursday, January 14, 2016

Etsy Pride (13): Serving Set + Rainbow Mirror Necklace

It's time for another Etsy Pride for 2016! I'm trying to make sure I feature a variety of items (rainbow and/or LGBT pride) and that these items have varying prices. Let me know what you think!

Three-Piece Clay Covered Serving Set - Rainbow Mosaic

*serving spoon
*slotted spoon
*serving fork

This set is $35 from the etsy shop CC's Artworks.

This set would make such a nice home warming present!

Hologram Necklace - Rainbow Mirror Snowglobe Necklace

Demiflux on Etsy is selling this lovely necklace for $29!

This shop has a lot of other rainbow-inspired items if you're looking for something else! Be sure to shop around.


Blogoratti said...

Those are indeed lovely items. Greetings.

Verushka Byrow said...

OMG, that necklace! It's gorgeous!!

Lola R said...

Both of these look great. Although I don't think I would buy thigns like spoons from etsy, I probably would just buy them from a place where it's cheap. The necklace looks lovely!

Heather Duff said...

I need that necklace!!!!!!