Thursday, September 24, 2015

Donate to It Gets Better: Receive Rainbow Doritos

For anyone that thinks it would be fantastic to have Rainbow Colored Doritos, as well as donate money to a great cause, then now is your chance! Doritos is working with the It Gets Better Project where you can get a bag of Rainbow Doritos sent to your house if you donate at least ten dollars.

As you can see from the picture on top, each bag has a quote on the back of the bag as well. This is definitely a great reason to indulge in some Doritos. Even if you don't eat junk food, you can still donate the money, get the bag, and then donate it to a local LGBT+ Youth Group or GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance).

This is a wonderful partnership and I commend Doritos for being a part of this. Now go donate to It Gets Better!!

-Lauren Becker


Blogoratti said...

Looks great, greetings!

Ramona said...

Ha, rainbow Doritos! Brilliant - absolutely brilliant! :)

Not So Literary Book Blog said...

"Due to the incredible amount of support we have received, all bags of limited-edition Doritos Rainbows have been claimed."

I'm so glad that this campaign was successful! I would have loved my own Rainbow Colored Doritos but just the fact that people are showing their support makes me so happy. I have seen this around on social media but this is the first time I'm actually reading about it. Such a great cause <3 - AMIR