Wednesday, March 23, 2011

LGBT News of the Week - Dan Radcliffe to Lady Gaga

LGBT News of the Week

I've had some various links saved for awhile, so I apologize if any of these are a bit old...but you may not have seen them yet, so check it out.

Some members of GLEE talk about who they believe should play Rachel's two dads. Through comment, I think Taye Diggs and Anthony Rapp would be cool. They are both from the original RENT cast and so was Indina Menzel (Rachel's mom).

An interesting interview about how The L Life came to be, and even a bit on the people included!

Do you wish there was a lesbian Twilight? Well, a new publishing company, Tiny Satchel Press, is bringing one to you! Learn more on AfterEllen.

AfterEllen also has a Gay Winter Book Guide. Personally, Kiss and Tell looks amazing!

Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tour is coming to HBO on May 7, 2011. I'm definitely excited as I've never seen her live...though I'd love to!

For all you GLEE fans...apparently, Santana is a lesbian. I'm definitely excited the show is going that route. It will be nice to have various sides celebrated.

Jodi Picoult's latest novel, Sing You Home, deals with a lesbian couple...and is going to be hitting the big screen. Guess who is one of the main people behind it? None other than Ellen DeGeneres!

Harry Potter's Dan Radcliffe has been supporting The Trevor Project, an organization that helps LGBT teens, for awhile...and now he will be honored this June with the Hero award.


Kat said...

A lesbian twilight would be amazing!!! It's called *Immortal Longings*, apparently, though I can't find a release date. Can't wait to see who Rachels' dads are-- I'm a huge Gleek. :)

Nahno McLein said...

Great news. Excited about GLee.
I heard about Radcliffe too, really amazing of him, especially when people already think he is gay.
Nahno ∗ McLein

Callista said...

I don't normally watch Glee but I did watch it last night. Lesbian Twilight? I won't even watch the regular twilight.

Ann On and On... said...

Fun facts. Interesting tid-bit about Ellen and the Jodi Picoult book. Although I like her writing I'm always on the edge of my seat because at the end of her books there is always a "surprise".