Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Adam Lambert Collection

Adam Lambert may have lost American Idol, but he's also one of the few from the show that went on to do amazing things. Personally, I'm a huge fan and I'm excited to see anything and everything Adam becomes involved in. This post is going to include a few Adam-related news items as well as my review of his live show hence The Adam Lambert Collection.

The photo you see off to the side is an album/dvd being released this Tuesday, March 22. It's called Glam Nation Live and includes live versions from his show as well a some dvd footage. I was one of the lucky people who got to see Adam perform during his Glam Nation tour and you'll find my brief review of that below. For now, this might be something you'd like to check out...whether you saw him live or not.

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This is the DVD tracklising according to Amazon-

1. Voodoo

2.Down The Rabbit Hole

3.Ring Of Fire



6.Whataya Want From Me



9.Sure Fire Winners


11.Music Again

12.If I Had You

13.20th Century Boy
I also wanted to mention an interview Adam did with The Hollywood Reporter. He talks Lady Gaga, this new season of Idol, and his new album. I thought the following question/answer was interesting for those excited to learn more about his upcoming album...I know I sure am!
THR: You tweeted about recently working with songwriter Ryan Tedder, what else can you tell us about your new album?

Lambert: I think if anything, it might be a little less campy than the last one. With [For Your Entertainment], I really wanted to go high glam; it was always a vibe and a concept I was in love with and I did it for a year. I think evolution is good and I'm attracted to the slightly more serious… not so much fantasy or a mask put on -- which is fun, great f---ing rock-n-roll -- but I’m very drawn to music and artists that are singing from the heart about real things.

Everyone can actually purchase a remix of Adam's song "Aftermath" on his website right now. All the money will go to The Trevor Project, a wonderful LGBT organization. Here is a bit of what Adam had to say about the song and how it fits with the Trevor message in many ways-

It can be about a lot of different things. It's a really interesting song because one of the people I wrote it with was talking about overcoming addiction, someone else said it spoke about family. When I was an adolescent, I was really confused and had the good fortune to be raised in a very liberal, open home, but not everybody is. Back when I was dealing with that, I didn't really have a lot of examples. So that was one of the other reasons why I wanted this song to be a battle-cry, because there's not a lot of people that are championing this type of issue.

And finally...the ending of this collection!

Glam Nation Live Review

By: Lauren

When I realized that Adam was touring, I knew that I needed to go. However, there didn't seem to be any shows near me that worked and many places were already selling out (good for Adam, not for me). A friend of mine mentioned there being a show really close to us though...a place I knew, but didn't realize he was coming to. I checked it out and YES, he was coming and I was so excited. I got tickets and voila, my first and most certainly NOT my last Adam Lambert concert.

If you watched Adam on American Idol, you already know that he's wild and crazy and just so charismatic on stage. He really does own it, with interesting outfits and wonderful vocals. It was just amazing. Adam captured the audience and never let go until the show was over and you wished it would just keep going on. He performed many songs from his debut album, but he also did some covers like "Ring of Fire" and "20th Century Boy" were fun and exciting to hear as well. Plus, it brought you back to American Idol and their cover songs (since that's where most people fell in love with him).

Overall, Adam's great live. He's a true performer that brings you a wonderful show and lets you leave feeling satisfied with your choice in buying tickets. If you haven't seen him, you should if you ever get the chance.


Kat said...

I really loved watching and rooting for Adam Lambert on Idol-- he was amazing! I still don't see how he lost. Anyhow, it's great to see him touring and releasing albums. I really like the few singles I've heard by him, too. Have fun at the concert! :)

Liana said...

I went to two Glam Nation shows in a row one weekend over the summer and let me tell you, it was an experience. It was really fun. Never danced so much!

Ann On and On... said...

I would really enjoy seeing him. He is very very talented!