Tuesday, February 8, 2011

LGBT News of the Week

According to After Ellen NBC has picked up a show called I Hate That I Love You which involves a lesbian couple. While they do have a little complaint about the show, this is still something to be excited about. I can’t wait to hear more.

Also on After Ellen has revealed that Brian Falchuk, co-creator of Glee, tweeted that Brittany and Santana are “on” which means they are dating. To read more, go here. I’m really excited they are having a lesbian couple as well as having Kurt and Blaine…I do agree with some of the comments though. I hope this is serious and not just some one-off or whatever.

Oh, and apparently there is a RENT episode coming up? RENT is my favorite musical so I’m stoked!

You can now honor your favorite Glee characters by wearing their very own nail polish. This collection comes from Sephora.

My personal favorite, Kurt Hummel, has a green polish called Gleek Out.

The League of Extraordinary Writers discusses gay teens in YA Science Fiction and Fantasy. It's an interesting post...and I enjoyed reading the comments with book suggestions. I think more LGBT fiction for the YA range should be available in general though...

Author Alison Bechdel poses with the coffee table book The L Life which includes Glee’s Jane Lynch and Alison herself.


Bee said...

I really, really hope it'll be a real thing between Brittany and Santana That wouldn't just be exciting for the show, but will hopefully reach out to a lot of the audience. I can't wait.

patcakes47 said...

That's an interesting concept for a show, and I am looking forward to it! It's good to see some fresh shows on for a change.