Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Actress Evan Rachel Wood on Being Bisexual

The Human Rights Campaign shared a bunch of tweets that actress Evan Rachel Wood made about being bisexual and the bisexual community in general. Please visit the link to read more of what she had to say and not just the one I shared above, though that statement is really important.

It is true that people inside the LGBT community are often not as accepting of people who identify as bisexual as they should be. Some do not think bisexuality exists; instead, they think someone is simply gay and afraid to truly admit that. That's not the case for everyone. Sure, some people might say they are bisexual instead of gay or lesbian, and they are really the latter, but that's their choice. However, bisexuality does exist and there are plenty of people who find themselves attracted to both men and women.

Furthermore, I want to state that being attracted to both genders does not mean you are attracted to everyone you meet - something people who identify as heterosexual sometimes think when they hear about bisexuality. Just like a straight male isn't attracted to all women, or a lesbian isn't attracted to all women, people who identify as bisexual are not attracted to all men and women.

Share your thoughts below- but remember, be respectful!


Ramona said...

I do believe in bisexuality and, yes, it's ironic that not everyone in the LGBT community shares my opinion. But then, prejudice isn't limited to certain social groups, that much is clear.

Talk Supe said...

Let me preface my comment with this: I'm the live and let live kind of person. I have close family and friends who are part of the LGBT and I don't discriminate against their proclivities. That said, sexuality is "evolving", a lot of labels are coming out that honestly I'm confused. Pansexual? Asexual (I thought only starfish & amoeba are asexual)? Gender fluid?

Anyway, I do believe bisexuality exists much like climate change. You can swing both ways. I myself are attracted to the same sex, Evan Rachel Wood is fucking gorgeous and I think I'll definitely go bi-lesbo for her if she goes for me.

Verushka Byrow said...

I do believe in bisexuality and can't understand why some in the LGBT community don't accept it -- ironic is right, as Ramona said above.

Karen Blue said...

I think this is more of a personal issues, and not something that should be dissected by one group or another. I don't think sexuality should be defined as normal or abnormal. I am bisexual, although I am in a long term relationship right now that is hetero. The terms asexual and pansexual are terms that some people use to explain how they feel about their sexuality, who are we to tell them they can't or shouldn't?
The term LGBT is defined as Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender, the term is right there within the definition. It is really ignorant for some within the LGBT community to say they don't agree with it.