Thursday, April 28, 2011

LGBT News of the Week

First off, I'm sorry for the delay on keeping up with posts. It should be known by now that I do post here a little less than my other blog most days, but lately, it's just been school crazy. Thankfully, it's almost the summer. For now though...I wanted to share the LGBT News of the Week.

Evan Rachel Wood has stated that she is bisexual. She even discusses of her love of androgyny. I always think it's great when people can be honest and open about who they are...and Evan is one of my favorite actresses. She's what you would call my "girl crush" so I was particularly pleased to read about her being even more okay with who she is.

Jordan Todosey, who plays the first transgender character (Adam) on Degrassi, recently did an interview with AfterEllen. I haven't kept up with Adam's storyline as much as I wanted to, but it seems to be going along really well...and I think Jordan sounds like a very great person!

Actor Avan Jogia has started a campaign titled Straight But Not Narrow. It seems to mostly be about straight guys supporting gay guys and trying to show others that it's not an issue, so why make it one? This is amazing and I applaud everyone already involved in this process (and the others that are sure to join). Josh Hutcherson (The Kids are Alright) is even involved! They have some PSA's filmed, which I still need to watch but you can read Jogia's interview on AfterElton.

Daniel Radcliffe is more than happy to say he believes that gay marriage should be legal, and I'm incredibly happy he agrees!

John Waters has a collection of essays out...I have to say, I'm really tempted to check it out. Plus, you can read about Alex Sanchez's latest which I just got in the mail (yay amazon gift cards). Oh, and a new comic This Gay Existence looks great!!

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