Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How LGBT is Glee?

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Ever since the first episode, I've been a huge fan of the show Glee. I think it's amusing, fun, genuinely moving at times, and just a really interesting show. The dacing and singing are always fun to watch (and I'll admit I'm a bit envious I don't have those talents) and the characters just keep you pining for more. Remember, the show is on at 8 p.m. EST on Tuesday nights so be sure to watch today's episode, or tape it if you can't.

This post isn't a giveaway post...but rather a discussion. I want to know who you love, how LGBT friendly you feel GLEE is, what songs you want to see, who you want guest starring, etc. Let me know. Whatever you have to say about Glee...I'm curious. Just be aware of other's feelings and no flat out hate or we do have the right to delete your comment.

As for me, I think GLEE is very LGBT friendly. It would be great to see more variety on the spectrum in the future, but having Kurt is a start. He's becoming more and more confident in himself and I love to see that. Of course, there are also many openly non-straight actors and actresses on the show and as guest stars which is also amazing. I commend Ryan Murphy (out himself) for creating this show and allowing GLEE to be real, while at the same time goofy and sweet.
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Mrs. DeRaps said...

I love Glee, and Kurt especially. He really is more than just a stock character, more than just the fun gay sidekick to a fabulous girl. I wish that he'd date a little more...Maybe it'll happen this season!

Great discussion.

Sibylle said...

I'm sorry but I find Glee to be such a joke. They have a token everything who get maybe 5% of the lines. About Kurt specifically, here's what bothers me (amongst other things): http://tiny.cc/ppxvm

Glee makes it so viewers can feel good about themselves because the shows represents oh so many different people but it's lunacy to pretend it does so well, it actually fails on so many levels. I suppose the only people who don't see it are the privileged ones who don't have to deal with being Other. As per usual.

Shanny said...

I love Glee! And I totally agree... the tolerance on the show is one of its bestest qualities :)